Shadowlands: Intro & Bastion Review

My first zone is complete now, and I’m taking a break for dinner, grocery and writing this post :)

Alors, the list of endeavors: exploration, first dungeon by quest, major storyline and 3/5 side questlines:

But let’s take a step back and talk about the intro.

It reminded me both of Legion and Draenor. The Maw terrain resembled those Legion-scarred shards of worlds we traveled for artifact weapon scenarios and what not during class campaigns. Good news: the Maw did not seem to me bleak, dull, or depressing – unlike the much hated Legion worlds.

As for Draenor parallels, it was a place where we felt ourselves in total danger, and the questline was quite lengthy. Well, of course it was not as fast for the first time, as I was carefully reading every quest, new to the area and also making pit stops to think about an enormous amount of lore questions and hints! We’ll need to check how it rolls on alts. I liked how it ended, and Jailer seemed to be quite a brutal and convincing villain.

The city tour was simple, and I’ll be navigating it in no time without a map. Frankly both Maw and Oribos require mounts all over – it was not a good thought to deny them. I chuckled with Brokers and Overseers – surprisingly they are a comic relief in this world.

Bastion takes you to a serene land of meditation and ancient greek boys and girls. It was a perfect entry into the world of souls – I simply drifted away from their ASMR voices and initial questlines, carrying you carefully as if you were in a cradle. Ah well, then it went all Warcraft-y, with traitors, outer threats and all.

If it were not for the Bastion cinematic, I would say that they are perfectly good, sensible and sane guys by the time I finished their questline. Of course something will be revealed later as you join the Covenant, but by the time you crawl to Maldraxxus, you have nothing ill to say about them.

There’s an aggression of their neighbours – pinnacled in Necrotic Wake dungeon, so by the time you’re done with the final boss, you totally hate the Necrolords.

There’s also civil war going on – caused by the locals which do not want to become impartial ferrymen to the deceased through rejection of personal ties and memories and acquiring peace. I mean, I understand the sentiment, but otherwise you can’t do your job and be on the same page with the others? Moreover, at least some of the rebel kyrians are allied with the Maw. No, I don’t see yet from quests if the “good guys” are stubborn, zealous or whatever the dark side of being righteous is.

Long story short, Kyrian was sold to me. It’s definitely a Covenant option, as I liked to deal with both all the blue angels and their owlie sidekicks, and the terrains are a mere pleasure to be at. And I want to know where the spy plot leads and how it ends, as we merely had a glimpse of Uther, and there is also a mysterious big boss of the baddies!

The only drawback: Bastion is a bit too sterile to my liking. I like a handful of mischief, life and fun thrown into the cauldron. So: 7/10 points thrown into the scales so far.

Finally, the dungeon was amazing – the last two bosses had some inventive tactics to care about, and it was super beautiful, despite being a ruin and necrotic puddles all over.

I’ve collected this full Kyrian leveling set, also I’m crafting Cloth armor and leveling Enchantment. No shortage of mats – have they finally fixed the professions? Everything seems just in order, valuable crafts, nice income, and useful crafted item levels. Advice: buy vendored cooking and crafting mats before going out of the capital.

Next stop after break: Maldraxxus.

P.S. Level 54 – is that supposed to be that fast?

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