How ‘Royal’ Are Your Characters?

As you probably know, if you pick Maldraxxus as your Covenant, eventually you will earn the title of Baron/Baroness, and that alone is a powerful reason to pick the Necrolords :)

That made me think: in terms of roleplay and background, does your character or characters hail from a family of aristocrats, warchiefs, thanes, high ranked priesthood, druid circle, renowned shaman families, or kingpins? And do they have ambitions to become such?

I’ve scrolled through my roster, and here’s what I got:

Anibell is a daughter of Stormwind aristocrats. She’s got a perfect education, and was free to pick every path she deemed worthy. Joining the paladin order was easy and painless: it’s always been an honorable service, she paid for her gear with family money, as well as her family donated a nice sum for the general cause.

Jagda is a daughter of minor Ironforge thanes. Spending most of her childhood years in the city quarters not far from the Forge (as her parents are proudly wearing the title of Forgemasters – one of many Forgemasters), no wonder she naturally picked mastering lava as her path in Azeroth adventures.

It’s pretty hard to get titles within gnome community – as long as you’re not a big-shot engineer. Pins is an ambitious lady, so she left Gnomeregan young enough to pursue entitlement. She likes her armor, clothes and accessories to scream “rich” – not flashy rich from the first sight, but you know, when your cloak would cost more than a horse for those who understand the quality and the costs of said quality. Her purpose in serving the SI:7’s spy missions is getting wealthy, and when she marries, it’s gonna be an establishment of a very wealthy shinobi clan, so as her kids would be able to walk in Stormwind aristocrat soirees as if they belong – and they would belong.

Mindebad is an ambitious death knight – and immediately after her ascension she self-proclaimed herself a Princess and would kick in the teeth of anyone who thinks otherwise. For defending her title and climbing up the ranks ladder she would stop at nothing – murder, mutilation or any other means required.

And this is it :) I was surprised, but all my other toons come from some very normal families (yet never poor or starving). Some served a bit as ranked members for their clan, or ranger regiment, or business family, and some followed the adventurer path from the beginning, but none of them currently have the ambitions to climb the social ranks. Even my main – Micromantica – while I love to think she’s a favorite Jaina’s apprentice who studied her art of Frost directly from Lady Proudmoore in Theramore, at the same time she’s never been a member of Jaina’s court and walked her own loremaster and explorer path after her scholarship has ended.

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