Shadowlands: Here We Come

This day ends with pre-patch goals complete:

In the end of all: that was quite alt-friendly pre-patch. In a course of an hour you’re able to cover about 4-5 slots, so that was not a big endeavor: just 3-5 hours devoted to your character was quite enough to see the story and gear it up for the new expansion, even if you just logged in after a big-big break and/or just had a level cap, nothing else.

  • Bronjahm’s bag drops: 2 on random toons (Melaris and Lizgun)
  • Skadi’s drake drops: 0

The final adjustments have been made to my Dream Team that walks into Shadowlands:

The only person in question is my main – Micromantica. Frankly she’s been assigned to Night Fae on “this-covenant-was-left” basis. But, as a gnome and a mage, she does not really attune to the nature. She’ll be the first to experience the whole story, and she will make the final choice when she sees them all: I don’t exclude a situation where she will choose ANY of the Covenants. It will be based only at the affinity – whose story she would like the most, whom she’d like to help.

The other toons are more or less class/race/character personality defined, although they might shift too – as my perception of Covenants could shift after personal acquaintance with them. Yet I’ll cover all armor types nevertheless, and I have backups for every outcome.

Tomorrow is a day of rest before the storm, and it will be devoted to transmog runs. I have all the very same old Yogg, Nalak and Oondasta runs, and I also thought it’s not too bad to run Exile’s Reach to earn all armor-type transmogs from the starting location: so far I don’t have all of them.

Tomorrow, in the final day, I’m saying my farewells to Battle for Azeroth – stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “Shadowlands: Here We Come

  1. You may join faeries just for dps, as this covenant is generally best for mages (the only exception that on pure single target frost mages benefit most from Ventyr class ability, but for all other specs and frost aoe Night Fae is the best).

    Also, Night Fae is generally the best covenant for main character, as it allows you to collect Soulshape shapes (you start with spirit fox only, but there are many other shapes which can be obtained by various – still unknown – game activities).


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