IRL & Checkpoint

Just a few landmarks today.

Tomorrow – with story done on all toons – I’m going heavy on earning the final slots. As you see, it’s not much left, and I’ll have 25 toons at the same item level ready for Shadowlands intro. That’s pretty rich!

Well, you have to have in mind that lulls = leveling and playing new toons, and BfA lull was the longest in all of expansions. Still, the effort was not little, and Shadowlands pre-patch event is one of the easiest and least time-consuming events to gear up an alt.

IRL: I’m on a vacation!

Truly, I have forgotten what it’s like. Normally every vacation has been a trip out of country, and when abroad you just forget of anything from the current agenda. Now, with covid restrictions and shit, it’s the vacation scheduled exactly for expansion launch, and it’s gonna be a challenege not to login on work’s sites and focus on my private time. You know, as before covid I could have left my work at the office and forget about it until return – it’s hard to do so at home, as my work is just a couple of clicks in browser. When it’s 10 a.m. – my office hour – it’s nigh impossible to ignore it and follow your own, devil-may-care schedule! Well, I’ll try to do my best – cause I really deserved my vacation – big time!

This is a random post, and random pics are in order.

View from my window: 10 a.m., the azerite skies morning:

View from my window: 4 p.m.

Winter is coming.

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