Let’s see how our gear-up project is going on:


  • Character name in bold = story done
  • Character name in green = geared up, talked to Lorthemar/Genn, got the event achievement and parked in Stormwind/Orgrimmar until launch
  • Numbers in red = ilvl under 90
  • Number in green = ilvl 100 and up (that’s the final target)

I did Nathanos on all toons. Dual wielders got what they deserved, and some casters were lucky with staves – alas, not all of them. No Eastern Plaguelands journeys anymore.

The new bit of story helps with earning currency badges a lot – I think it’s about 12-15 argents for yellow quests in 20 minutes. Finally we saw a fresh face with a fresh voice, and now when the story is complete, it’s a very nice bridge into the next expansion as a whole. Not too heavy on lore, but bits and hints it provided would just suffice.

I’m loving the hype: so many players around Icecrown. Hundreds of players on rares make the game lag during encounters – even if you’re on the other side of the zone map, wow! People are making fun with the plague too, bringing it to a popular boss like Nathanos or Bronjahm would make the game freeze for a couple of minutes if not more, with so many people and so much stuff going on. Also it’s a thing to zombie-attack multiboxing alts, it completely ruins their activity. Simply hilarious!

With my pace – and as we’re looking at the weekend and the start of my vacation – I think my spreadsheet will be colored green on Sunday. Then I’ll have a full day to rest until launch. Like I said, I won’t be there on Monday->Tuesday night at 2 a.m. – it’s gonna be morning, well rested, hydrated, with a nice hot cup of tea, and with my Micromantica the Explorer and the Loremaster ready for the new stories and adventures.

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