Shadowlands CGI Trailer & Rare Boost

An unexpected yet always welcome CGI cinematic trailer has dropped yesterday:

It is quite amusing, but I did not realize it was actually a CGI until they have shown Maldraxxus necropolis bombarding the area :) I really thought it was a machinima-like trailer. Maybe the graphics quality have grown this far over the years?

Whereas the visuals are cool – especially Ardenweald’s Wild Hunt herd and Maldraxxus warlord + said necropolis, the content was not as much. They have not shown anything too new (except Jailer in chains – hmmm… why?), and our ears were so buzzed through about the Shadowlands factions throughout the final development year that we already know everything they’ve brought in. Well… it’s a trailer nevertheless.

That said, when you realize it’s a CGI, it immediately seems like a waste of cinematic team resources for something that insignificant in lore. The only thing comforting could be that it is actually may not be an exclusive video, but a mix of samples from actual cinematics that we would meet in game as we progress through the plot. Anyways, Blizzard is successfully building hype – guys, we have less than a week until the new adventure!


As for actual gameplay, even before reset there are some changes. As of yesterday evening, Blizzard has whipped the respawn of Icecrown rares – from 20 minutes up to 10. It is most welcome and logical, as after a couple of dailies people surf from boss to boss, spending a minute for travel and 15-17 minutes on waiting for a respawn. I wonder if it was planned from the beginning, or serves as a response to player complaints and experience.

I think it’s been their plan all along, as the gameplay intensifies in the final week of the pre-patch. We’ll get a new story and some new dailies upon reset, finally the Scourge event (that I’m not intending to play), and in general those who come to the game on the week before the expansion must have a very quick opportunity to gear up. More dailies, and more bosses squeezed into the very same time of game sessions would help a lot.

My goal before reset stays the same: making all armor slots on my toons that have 85 and lower ilvl up to 100, then in the next week we’ll see about those 85-95 slots. Obviously Nathanos owes another weapon to make it a pair for rogues, enhancement shaman, windwalker monk, demon hunter and other dual-wielders… and does anyone know if he drops off-hands for casters? Well, I will try for staves in any case.

Even if my current gearing up activity is not that required (all toons are 95+ ilvl in general), I’m having fun in the pre-patch :) Higher ilvl will help me through initiate Shadowlands questing, and I have a palpable goal to complete, with every character’s short session bringing a very certain result. Essentially: pre-patch works for me :)

2 thoughts on “Shadowlands CGI Trailer & Rare Boost

  1. From what I’ve read, you will want to avoid the capitals. Apparently you will be automatically flagged for PvP and will end up participating in the scourge event. I will probably do it once for any minor reward, but I’ve been there done that before. Rumor has it also that the zombies will get more powerful as the week goes on, and there is a change some players may be able to carry the infection to other areas. Because we know that nobody would try to do that on purpose. 😉

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    • Yeah, I’m parked in Icecrown, and my characters are returning to the capital once all gear is collected to give in the final story quest (minor gold award), then toon can logout until release.

      It is true, I was PvP-flagged for 5 minutes upon Stormwind arrival.

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