Leveling Experience in Shadowlands: Dungeons, Dungeons

Well this time I mimicked a more traditional pre-9.0. leveling: chain dungeons with quests in between.

I’ve picked TBC content and did about 60% of quests of Hellfire Peninsula while in dungeon queues, then I went to Chromie and switched to Northrend dungeons for variety.

Mind you, dungeon runs are a total lottery now. It’s not a fast way to level up – because reasons.

First, difficulty changes as you level up: while at 10-20 I felt I could solo a dungeon with my arcane mage, at 35+ a common dungeon mob would stomp me deep into the ground in a couple of blows. So it is actually very funny how a group of 11-18 level guys would just wipe out everything in their wake, while a 48 guy in the same dungeon would struggle to chip away more than 20% before a mob dies (and hardly survive :)

Second, the knowledge rate varies at large. Many people are seasoned players – it was amazing how all the group typed “w8” as the first General boss was passing an extra pack in Halls of Lightning. You may remember he empowers mobs – and an extra pack in this particular case means a wipe. So we were rejoicing how everyone typed the same warning in unison!

On the other hand, many people are newbies, are trying/leveling new classes or simply returning from a long hiatus in preparation for Shadowlands. There are stupid pulls, no knowledge of boss tactics or even corridor navigation, and – even at level 38-39 – some grave issues with tanking or healing, or dpsing, or all of them at the same time. It was hilarious how we wiped (!) at King Ymiron in Utgarde Pinnacle 3 times today, because tank just died every single time – and too early to finish the boss. I suggested to change the setup – like making it 2 healers or 2 tanks (we had that option) just to wear the boss off, people were just silent and did nothing. So I just gave in the quests I completed and quit the group, because apparently they were going to wipe 4th time in a row doing the very same thing. There were other moments, but this was the nastiest one. Imagine those wipe runs, and you’ll get the idea where the time slips through fingers.

Anyways, /played:

Exile’s Reach -> Pandaria, quests only:

Exile’s Reach -> Hellfire Peninsula / chain queues for TBC/WotLK Dungeons -> Pandaria Halfhill questing:

Well, I guess 18 hours is my personal leisure leveling timing. It is actually surprising how close the timers are!

Anyways, toon number 25 at current level cap:

The shore witch Heltzen is an arcane mage:

I’m not deleting her I think – I grew into the character :) She goes on a shelf until lull time.

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