In the World of Warcraft with Nikolai Drozdov: English Subtitles

There you go, I did a translation :)

Turn on subtitles and enjoy the brilliant Shadowlands promo!

The Shadowlands promo video is a parody of “In the World of Animals with Nikolai Drozdov” – one of the most popular TV shows in Russia and CIS countries in Soviet and post-Soviet era, a footage of animals’ lives in their natural habitat with Drozdov’s lovable commentary on top. It mimics the show’s style, intro sequence and shares its most recognizable host – Nikolai Drozdov. Nikolai Drozdov is a zoology scientist, traveler and was the host of “In the World of Animals” from 1977 until 2018.

I’ve run the creature names through Wowhead database, so translations are correct and you will meet them all in game :)

3 thoughts on “In the World of Warcraft with Nikolai Drozdov: English Subtitles

  1. I laughed hard at Schrodinger’s cat part, that was brilliant 😂 beautiful video, thank you for translating, beautiful language and the man is a treasure, i can hear him for hours even if i didn’t understand what he’s saying.

    I’m thinking about sharing this With MassivelyOP if you don’t mind.

    Liked by 1 person

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