A Hilarious PR Move From Blizzard

Following the bleak “bird’s eye” zone videos, the Russian/CIS segment of WoW community has got an unprecedented PR video yesterday. Here goes:

So, why is it hilarious? It requires an explanation for non-Russian speakers and those living outside of CIS countries.

Nikolay Drozdov – the man in the video – is a zoology scientist and one of the most iconic Russian TV hosts since Soviet era and until now. At his respectable age of 83 he still remains a permanent host (since 1977) of the most popular show “V mire zhivotnyh” (“In the World of Animals”), which is a footage of animal lives in their natural habitat along with his lovable commentary on top.

For Shadowlands promo video Blizzard has made a replica of the show – only with him explaining the fauna of Shadowlands zones including the Maw. It’s made just in the same manner as the TV program, and we can’t help admiring how easily he pronounces the names of the game creatures, zones, and explains their behaviour as naturally as if they were real – and if it was just another episode of his actual show!

His voice and face are canonical, immediately recognizable by anyone who owned a TV in Soviet or post-Soviet era – up to multiple parodies, and he’s loved by literally everyone. No wonder that the video has got a 99% rate of ^_^ comments literally everywhere – even at the most toxic WoW-related pages and sites.

A brilliant move from Blizzard PR, and whoever came up with it deserves a medal and a lifetime allowance from the company. Trust me, it’s 100 times better than Chuck Norris.

9 thoughts on “A Hilarious PR Move From Blizzard

    • Did a couple of samples translation to get the idea:

      Maldraxxus’ Boar:
      …But the old, even ancient wild boar Goretusk knows no rest, and is always looking for someone to fight with. The moral of our boar is simple: who is stronger – is right.

      Revendreth Hounds:
      Another notable representative of the canine family is the smoldering leader of a pack of bone gnawers. Look at his very interesting color. It seems that you can warm your hands over the scruff of the neck with a strong desire. Tracking a pack of bone gnawers is easy: you just need to follow the trail of the scattered loot left by the adventurers after meeting these charming hooligans.

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      • They really need to do this in multiple languages. It’s a shame Jim Fowler passed away in 2019. He was the animal guy that made appearances on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. But I may be really showing my age there.

        Mike Rowe would be a good choice to narrate for English language folks.


        • Not really, it’s not an educational / lore video every player must see, but rather a local joke, a vignette sucker punch for haters as people rightfully noted because you simply cannot hate and trash this guy :) also the intro frames are copying the Animal World intro sequence. That’s why it’s a PR gem on local market. Other languages should use different themes for promo.

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        • I would enjoy it either way. Just having someone voice the names for things alone. We had a standing joke in guild for years about Searing Gorge. Someone said in vent one evening that you had to pick up a quest for something in Searing George. From that day forward we always called it that. The person that said it laughed when we mentioned it to her, she said for years she thought it was weird they named it George, but that was how her mind read it one day and it stuck.

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