Holidays, Holidays…

Hallow’s End is over, and I’d say I ran for the horse with maximum capacity: probably the biggest number of toons in my WoW holiday history. I’ve tried to – and almost accomplished to squeeze in 24 daily runs for Headless Horseman. The reins did not drop, but at least I can say I did everything I could :) Well, there was nothing better to do in WoW these days anyways. The past week was just queues and watching series on a nearby screen.

Today starts the WoW anniversary event – moved earlier to fit before Shadowlands, as it offers a 16% XP buff. As I’m leveling an arcane goblin mage (for leisure sakes) it comes handy. Korrak’s Revenge aka Alterac Valley PvP event is coming back as a transmog and super fast leveling option – under no circumstances I’m doing it, as I skipped it before.

You can visit Caverns of Time and checkout Timewalking badges vendor. There’s a new transmog cloak (one color for both factions, a beautiful blue with a gem), vanity items, a Corgi toy and a Corgi pet – I’ve had them all before but cloak.

Also Llore would traditionally ask you questions about Azeroth for 5 badges and send you on an Azuregos/Kazzak/Emerald Dragons bosses weekly quest for 150 badges. Another boss – a Legion mecha – will be walking around Tanaris, but it is coming later (when?) along with Chromie’s quest to kill it.

All in all, I’m slaying the Tanaris boss once when it becomes available, and call it quits. Anniversary this year is but a flavor, not content to me – but lore and Scourge invasions are coming in 10 days, so that’s not a bother :)

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