Shadowlands: Finally We Have a Release Date!

Yesterday we’ve got a big announcement we’ve all been waiting for. Pre-patch drops on November 10/11, and the expansion itself is scheduled now for November 24.

I’d say that I’m super glad. First of all, we now have the goal to wait for. Having an exact date is comforting, and it means we have just one reset until new content of zombie invasion/Icecrown adventures makes us busy with something else than BfA leftovers if there were any. It is exactly 2 weeks for a pre-patch event, I guess it will be enough to collect transmogs and whatever things available, as well as hunt rares for rare items and kill Nathanos.

Second, it is only a month from the first release date – and it means that gameplay and content were really ready, it only needed tweaks here and there based on testers’ feedback. Covenant and class abilities were mentioned in John Hight’s post, as well as the Maw zone endgame which will be reached by enthusiasts on day 1. Blizzard is confident that an extra month is quite enough to finish the whole deal, and this gives me high hopes. Also expansion dropping this soon makes it unlikely it will be re-scheduled once again, because it would be an utter suicide for developers. That is also a sign of their confidence.

The date is not entirely unexpected. Castle Nathria raid is 2 weeks after the release like always (December 8), and with LFR launching a week later it gives the developers enough room to apply hotfixes, buffs and nerfs to bosses before Christmas holidays – as well as a month to extra adjustment of classes and Covenants. I’ll enter the big New Year all-country vacation with 2 LFR wings opened, and this is a splendid time for farming mogs and leveling alts!

Speaking of vacation, I’m also happy to re-schedule my own canceled one from October. I had an opened date with “about the end of November” as I told my boss (+/- a week or two doesn’t make a big difference in my case), but now I can put my off-days exactly for the week November 23-30 and plan my monthly work tasks to be completed by this time. Launch date: I’m not staying up late until 2 a.m., letting the wave of impatient players to flush through the night, and getting up as usual in the morning, with a hot and nice cup of tea, well-rested, free of duties and ready to digest the new lore – my biggest attraction in WoW :)

Well… just happy the wait is not gonna be long, that expansion is released as expected, and that we can schedule things now. Yay to the big news!

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