Trivia: Pre-Patch Countdown

Yesterday was a day of loose ends – I’ve resolved several remaining issues:

Just for Micromantica, all professions in her toolkit are now maxed.

I’ve finished Waycrest Manor farming for enchanter’s rod and Tol Dagor for jewellery lens. Good news: the drop is a lot better nowadays, so even non-solo runs will take you through x50 required mats in just a few runs. Downside: there was no Feat of Strength or a meta achievement for collecting them all.

This much is left to a project of upgrading all slots to at least 415:

Extra emissary chests for a 4000 easy gold: one more run for Micromantica and Myde when Order of Embers pops up.

Yesterday I also did a farewell LFR tour throughout all the BfA raids except Ny’alotha. It was extremely fun and satisfying with super-overgeared DPS: Uu’nat didn’t even manage to call for adds or launch N’Zoth eye beams, Vectis did not manage to split even once and all :)

Were there wipes and failures? Yes! We didn’t kill Azshara in the first two tries, because tactics were ignored completely (then I quit as I didn’t really need the kill itself and left the miserable players to read dungeon journals). On G’huun no one even bothered to help me with orbs despite I called for a partner before encounter, and until I called for aid several times a minute in – as we can’t just DPS through the phase one (but we can through phase two without orb runs). And guess what? A classic, super traditional wipe on Zul’s trash! Truly so, we burn through trash as a hot knife through butter, but not when there are 8 dominators on top of each other!

My goal was just saying goodbye to BfA’s diverse and fun raids: to reminisce the encounters, to see lore once again – and it’s even more fun now as we finally know the whole expansion story. I’m not returning to BfA raids until I could solo them, so this was a final run for the next two years. Whatever could be said about the expansion – raids were once again great, even if overtuned in Crucible and Ny’alotha till the end.

Pre-patch is coming in 2 days, and on Wednesday reset my toons will leave the grandeur of the Great Seal and coziness of Snug Harbor Inn to Orgrimmar and Stormwind for the next chapter of WoW. A farewell post to the sea nation expansion areas is in order tomorrow :)

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