Rustfeather: Not A Moment Too Soon

Simply put:

The hero of the night is my Lightforged Oluu – one of the 15 toons on daily farm for the last month. I believe it was a third kill for the day.

The mount is nice, and I love those swift, agile and compact rides. On the downside: you don’t see the character from behind :)

The last week before pre-patch (which has just got a survival guide video yesterday) is the following activities:

Reset farm of Yogg, Nalak and Oondasta

Completing the final Tool of Trade – Jewellery – via Tol Dagor farm and see if there is a Feat of Strength for getting them all

Final Ny’alotha rumble – I’m planning to try and fill whichever slots my characters want upgraded, but it will be no pressure – just a goodbye to the expansion.

But, but: Dobbie is free! No more screeches and no more wasting time!

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