Bluepost: Endgame Changes in Shadowlands

Blizzard has released a bluepost (all over WoW-related sites, so I don’t quote it here).

As expected, it’s a sort of a mild excuse for the expansion delay and clarification of what is going on in the developers’ camp. As expected, it’s work on the endgame.

Blizzard has mentioned three major things they’re polishing: The Maw aka endgame zone experience, Conduits, and Class & Covenant balance.

The sentiment of hearing the players and reworking The Maw to be more fun to play over its lore design is most plausible. I still shudder from the most awful Argus experience: as they wanted to make it a dangerous place, it was horrible to navigate throughout throngs of demons, and I was simply glad when we dropped it for good. Never to return after Legion, not even once.

Class and Covenants are hard to polish indeed. It is interesting that the cornerstone of approach is an emphasis on strengths and weaknesses of classes/covenants combinations in reverse to homogenizing them. Beat me if you must, but I do think that in an RPG classes must NOT feel the same, i.e. a resource-building button, a filler spender, a heavy spender and one more button for AoE – divided only by visuals and class name. So I greet this approach, even if there will be a sky-high whining how “my spec is useless in mythics”. Well, there will be whining in any case.

Conduits tuning – I still don’t really have a clue what that is, and frankly, I don’t really care :) Like with Legion’s artifact or azerite traits, I’ll come to the expansion with eyes wide open, grab whatever the game hands me, and see what good will come out of it. Like with all systems, I’m picking what’s more comfortable for my gameplay, and I don’t care if it’s the best DPS/heal/tank choice or whatever. In any case, Conduits etc. will make my character stronger, not weaker, and that’s all I care about.

One thought on “Bluepost: Endgame Changes in Shadowlands

  1. For you and I conduits are like you said, we get what we can and go with it. It’s those that want to tank in raids, heal mythic dungeons, and DPS world content that are the problem. The conduit is so critical to doing well that they need to change depending on what spec they are playing. Even swapping once a day is probably going to get old quickly. They need to treat it like gear based on what spec you’re in.

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