Alt Management Before Pre-Patch

September 30 has been announced as a pre-patch stress test on PTR, and that is screaming of it dropping for next reset. I’ve got tired of fruitless camping Rustfeather a bit, so I decided to review my toons and see what could be done in the last week of 8.3. I know you missed my spreadsheets, so let’s roll :)

First of all, it struck me that reputation for completing an emissary is 3000. As much as I deliberately ignored emissary and bonus chests farming since Legion (oh those mounts), nevertheless it seemed completely rational to:

1/ Check out which of your toons have 6000+ reputation over Exalted and on which factions.

2/ Wait for an emissary to pop up, complete a simple streak of 4 world quests, get 3500+ rep for their completion and finalize the 10k bonus chest if necessary with a couple more quests.

3/ Open a bonus chest and acquire 4k+ gold.

This simple endeavor has brought me 50k yesterday in 2 hours of gameplay. I’m not done yet:

It is 8 more chests -> 32k+ gold in an hour.

Next, albeit somewhat useless, was a gear review. Actually we’re doing great:

My personal requirement is that all items must be 415 or up, and character ilvl must be 430+ (better 435+) to ease Shadowlands entry for them. Of course pre-patch activities will grant 445 (as of Ny’alotha Normal) gear, and yet we could earn them now the easy way. Moreover, I’m not sure there will be trinkets or rings in pre-patch – most probably just armor tokens – so these undisplayed, transmog-useless slots must be paid closest attention.

Naturally I’m making use of emissaries and world quests, raids are out of question due to time consumption and unsure chance of drop.

It is ironice that item levels will be squished, so the whole spreadsheet will be rewritten as the pre-patch goes live :)

Right, and today’s reset day, so we’ll see if Yogg-Saron, Nalak and Oondasta will grant me my last two transmog items! See ya later!

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