Pre-Patch Pushed Back?

The latest news was that 9.0.1 build has received “Release” mark upon weekly reset, yet as of yesterday it rolled back as “Test”.

It was clear before that release date is not September 29/30, as we would have got the notice at the very least this Friday, and also PvP season ending has got its notice last week. Yet this signifies some troubles in Blizzard camp.

They still have a month to tune and polish the new Covenant systems which we don’t see until 50->60 leveling and endgame, so the trouble must be with the pre-patch changes themselves. I’d bet the trouble are not class rotations and changes, but the most massive endeavor since the game launched in 2004: level squishing.

Just to think of the amount of gear, consumables, boss, mob and player health pools, damage, mitigation and healing output, tweaked level experience – in fact, everything that the game has amassed throughout 16 years needed a total rework. Once not the testers, but millions of players login upon pre-patch, we will inevitably receive massive feedback of things behaving wrong. One missed trinket with an unusual effect might result in one-shotting Ny’alotha bosses solo. No testing crew could possibly have fished out all the bugs.

My bet that the problem is exactly that: Blizzard discovering some vital and unexpected bugs with level squishing of this Hulk of the game they’re developing, and they do need time to fix it.

As always, I’m preaching patience: as much as I want to go barbershopping, will it matter in an hour after login if people discover something is fundamentally broken, so that mobs in open world are giving them the hard time?

Just… no rush, we will be there. Yet another week(s?) of Rustfeather camping seems tantalizing, yet I want my game to run as smooth as possible once the pre-patch goes live.

3 thoughts on “Pre-Patch Pushed Back?

  1. I’m wondering if the issues on Khadgar revealed a big problem. I’m already seeing an issue with the guild finder interface after our connection to 6 other realms 2 weeks ago. There is something wrong under the hood, and they have to be scrambling now trying to figure it out so the October date isn’t pushed. If it is I’m sure they will use a “because of Covid it’s been more time consuming to finalize….”. And I can’t blame them if they do. I’d actually prefer them say they need 2 extra weeks now than the beginning of the month 2-3 weeks from release

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  2. Would love for them to go back to the ways of old blizzard and say “We found some issues, we’d rather not rush fixes and break something else. As much as we hate to do this, we need to push the launch back 1/2/3 weeks/months.

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