Trivia: Wasteland & Expectations

There’s literally nothing left to do in BfA for me except half of the reset day farming and camping Rustfeather.

I’ve geared up all my current 24 toons to 430 and up, rendering them ready for Shadowlands. I’ve healed through N’Zoth and completed its quest even with my newest toons – the draenei monk and the troll priest.

Mind you, the Brewfest now grants 425 off-hands and 425 trinkets from Coren Direbrew which are helpful in your preparation for the next expansion – and even that is off the radar already.

I’ve come up with a certain streak of activities planned for the pre-patch.

1/ See the story

2/ Kill Nathanos for quest and delight, and see his loot table about whether he drops new transmogs

3/ Collect the new event sets – technically a recolor of Arathi warfont – on both races

4/ Complete Exile’s Reach on a new toons for both factions – to see the experience and also collect weapon transmogs. There will be greens of choice in the end, and it’s better to complete them on a warrior which is able to automatically learn them all.

5/ Finally, spend some gold in barbershop. From what I’ve seen in PTR, I will need vital changes to my orc warrior, night elf hunter, undead rogue, and draenei. Gnomes and goblins will unlikely get any revamp except eye and hair colors – they’re perfect as they are :)

My usual activity of leveling new toons during the lull downtime has finally failed me :) I’m scrolling through all the options, and I cannot think of a single new guy or girl that I really want to play. Now I’m all set and done, totally happy with my roster. Of course I’m not planning to level them all during the first weeks – it’ll be best to save them for lulls.

Covid situation in the world has changed my autumn vacation plans. Normally that would have been a vacation abroad, and this year me and my wife planned Hong Kong and another Japan trip, but with borders closed we seem to be benched for the time being. So I swapped my vacation week exactly for the expansion release.

This is a challenge of sorts. I took a couple of days off for expansion release just once, for Legion, and it didn’t go well. Getting up at 5 in the morning cause the unexplored new stuff itches you even in your sleep and red eyes by the end of the day are kinda natural, but the worst thing was mind exhaustion. It’s an endless flow of the new information: lore, new systems, new crafts, and leveling is so slow due to carefully reading every new quest.

I would definitely need to get significant breaks during the playtime, switching my mind off from the game: TV shows, walks, household chores, scheduled parties with friends and everything else that comes around.

Totally happy with the new leveling paradigm, as you’re required to see the questline just once. Then your alts can pick an option to have them quests “completed”, pick a covenant right away and proceed with leveling via world quests and such exactly from level 50.

With such a massive roster like mine it’s a total bliss. By the past experience, 3 of the same questline runs in a row are my limit – well, of course later in the expansion a reminder is possible. Moreover, this scheme allows you to earn the required reputation from the start. Shadowlands = the most alt-friendly expansion?

Anyways, all ready for both pre-patch and expansion itself. Can’t wait for them to drop.

One thought on “Trivia: Wasteland & Expectations

  1. That’s about my plan for the pre-patch too, although I think I’ll be starting with the Barbershop, and, to be honest, I’ll probably only push for the cloth event set.
    Good point there about doing Exile’s Reach as a Warrior!


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