Jaina Mount: Check

The pre-patch is coming in only 2 or 3 weeks. This means drastic changes to rotations, removal of azerite perks and corruption, level squish and all that. Of course boosters will adjust and will still be able to run BfA raids for buyers, but it’s gonna be a lot easier to do in current realities.

I’ve accumulated gold on my Horde, because Alliance was previously depleted by N’Zoth boost run and buying a frog. Jaina’s boost is 350k, and I had 300k when I left 10k per toon. So I left them with 3k for barbershop, and exceeded the required amount: grinding gold for another week was not an option. Jaina’s boost is more expensive than N’Zoth HC mount as you can lead only 2 buyers per run.

I’ve picked one of the boosters from chat, and the advertising toon invited me to a group of two to wait until the boosters assemble. As he told me, they already had 8 runs today, and it’s been a bit tricky to get spare alts for another run. About an hour, and we’re in.

Jaina’s boost kill ignores the second phase tactics. You are strictly advised not to interrupt her blizzard cast, and so people just approach her from the ship, stack and nuke without any running, elementals, barrels or whatever the game initially offered. Ice blocks are just ignored and get destroyed by AoE and cleaves.

It’s been a great purchase. One more mount into collection, an actually rideable one (and it fits my Micromantica aka Jaina’s apprentice fantasy), and it saves me raid re-runs later when I can solo it. And it’s definitely a better purchase than another frog recolor for almost the same price.

One but last thing to tick out in BfA. Now if only Rustfeather was merciful, and we’re totally done with the expansion.

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