Shadowlands: Animated Short Maldraxxus Review

Alright, the sentiment after watching the second short was: what the fuck was that?!

I mean, I liked Draka character, the finally visualised story of her death, the “I’m the key” thing – truly epic. But what did they tell us about Maldraxxus itself? Nothing.

It’s actually the worst piece of introduction I’ve ever seen, in WoW and elsewhere. Why skeletons? Which characters are good or bad? What are the Maldraxxus factions and why are they fighting? What Maldraxxus factions are fighting what factions? Why is she hunted? Who sent her on an errand and where? Who fights whom? She claims Maldraxxus to be protectors of Shadowlands – against what? What are the local and outer threats? What’s the conflict?

Frankly I have more questions than answers. In my humble opinion this is an introduction cinematic that introduced nothing? And that renders it a complete and utter shit. We’ll see about fairies and vampires, but I think it’s hard to surpass the worst piece of narrative I’ve seen in a long, long time.


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