Trivia: Reset and an Incredible N’Zoth Kill

Bla-bla-bla, Oondasta, Nalak and Yogg-Saron still greedy, so raid set quest goes on.

What is more exciting is that I went to try tanking LFR, and with a blood death knight  (my first BDK raid tanking ever).

The first wing was boring: there was a 480-clad bear whoo just did all the job. Whenever I tried to execute tactics and aggro a boss, he picked it back from me :) So my biggest contribution was calling out marks on Skithra, otherwise I cosplayed a bad DPS in a tanking spec.

Not at wing 4 I didn’t! I’ve entered with 1 stack at Carapace, and we easily finished it with my first pull, I think there was 1 casualty. Then came N’Zoth Almighty.

I’ve asked if someone doesn’t know tactics, and got 5 responses. I explained the whole thing in 5 posts, and we tried.

Stack 0: EVERYBODY survived the first Psychus, found their body and didn’t get mad. Wipe at Bashers/Psychus: lack of heals/firepower. No questions, everything’s clear, just an overpowered encounter.

Stack 1: Wipe at first Bashers/Psychus: lack of heals/firepower. But we did better.

Stack 2: EVERYBODY survived the second Psychus. Wiped at second Bashers: people went to portal too early.

Stack 3: kill.


I think I truly am the champion of Azeroth! Tanking Ny’alotha for the first time, raiding in Blood for the first time, ilvl 426, and killing N’Zoth with 3 stacks! I think it’s a Guinness record for LFR. I’m bragging right away, and I’m not ashamed :)

Anyways, Tobai is 431 and quite done with the expansion, totally ready for Shadowlands :) Remember when she turned 120? That’s right, yesterday’s evening.

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