How to Gear Up Your Fresh 120 Alt for Shadowlands in One Day: Shortcut Guide

Note: this guide is written before Shadowlands pre-patch events, which will:

  • Squish your level 120 to 50;
  • Eradicate essences and corruption elements on your gear;
  • Will most likely have some catch-up activites in Icecrown on its own.

But September’s all yours! Let’s roll and gear up your alt in one sit! The following path takes about only 3 hours. 

So: you just dinged 120 on your alt. What’s next?


Token Shower

First and foremost, unlock world quests at your faction ship in the harbor.

Send your catch-up tokens from 8.3. and 8.2. from your main or whoever has them. 8.3. tokens come from N’Zoth invasions (chests and rare enemy drops), they are rare and armor specific, so your bulk must be Benthic gear from Nazjatar.

Benthic gear tokens can be earned from Nazjatar world quests, or purchased at Unshackled/Ankoan inn vendor for 5 currency pearls/piece.

At this point you already have all your armor slots at 385 or higher. Trinkets, rings and weapons stay as they are – but not for long.

*sidenote: if you haven’t played 8.2. at all, and have no tokens, pearl currency or desire to play in Nazjatar and earn them, you might proceed straight to the next step: it’s just gonna take a couple more days – meaning world quest resets. 

World Quests

Now rake through Kul Tiras and Zandalar world quests and spot out those with gear rewards. Note: every gear upgrade you get will raise most of the world quest gear ilvl by several points! So it is important to revisit them every time after upgrade and see if it’s good. And by all means do them only after you had your Nazjatar tokens applied.

You’re extremely lucky if they have a Tortollan emissary running, or there are ring and trinket quests – these you don’t meet on your way.

To Nazjatar for Weapon Upgrades!

After you’ve cleared world quests, it’s time to go for Nazjatar campaign. Visit your ship and set out for the story quest.

Follow the story, and almost at the very beginning they will give you a quest reward – a weapon of choice ilvl 370! You’re so lucky if you wield 2H weapons: this means 2 slots are covered at once. If dual-wielding, you’ll have to get another weapon later elsewhere.

Now proceed with the Nazjatar story, unlock your camp and city portal, and you will get a quest from Magni. Say goodbye to Nazjatar and off to the Heart Chamber!

Upgrading Your Heart of Azeroth

Follow a simple and fast questline in Heart Chamber, and you will upgrade your necklace to ilvl 450 in the end.

Upgrading Your Cloak

Immediately after you should accept a story invitation to Stormwind/Valeera in Great Seal, and proceed with the legendary cloak questline.

See my legendary cloak questline [Shortcut Guide for Alts].

You will get your cloak at ilvl 470 in the end, also you will get several gear upgrades during assaults completion on your way.

Note: a non-N’Zoth invasion in Pandaria or Uldum (depends on weekly rotation) holds a world boss: Vuk’laz in Uldum or Shek’zara in Vale of Eternal Blossoms. Grab your weekly extra drop token in your faction harbor and use it on the world boss even if you got the loot: if you’re lucky, it’s a couple of 445 items in 5 minutes! You can do the world boss quest immediately after you start the cloak questline.

By the time you complete the legendary cloak questline, your alt that has just arrived to 120 will look something like this:


I’m typing this post right after I have finished this described round for my fresh death knight. The whole run took me only about 3 hours!


What’s Next?

As you see from the spreadsheet above, my problem items are 1 ring and 1 trinket – the next time Tortollan emissary or a world quest has them, I’ll rocket above 415 and be able for LFR raiding. Your next checkpoints:

  1. Checking out world quests and emissaries in case they provide better gear;
  2. N’Zoth invasion world bosses with their 445 gear (upon weekly reset);
  3. Once ilvl 415, do the first three wings of Ny’alotha LFR for 430 items. Wing 4 (Carapace & N’Zoth) is not advised, because LFR still requires a lot of patience for those bosses – mostly because people fail to stay and learn but rather tend to quit after first wipe.
  4. Leveling necklace via collecting azerite all over the BfA content – and leveling cloak via doing Wrathion’s quests in Horrific Visions.
  5. Doing whatever you do, and I don’t: like island expeditions, PvP, or mythic+ dungeons.
  6. And most importantly: have fun and get ready for Shadowlands!

That’ll be all for tonight, folks!

5 thoughts on “How to Gear Up Your Fresh 120 Alt for Shadowlands in One Day: Shortcut Guide

  1. Couple of things to check on the AH that tend to be fairly inexpensive.

    1. iLvl 310 rings.
    2. iLvl 400 trinkets.
    3. iLvl 370 or 400 weapon/off hand (especially if you dual wield to sit next to the Nazjatar weapon)


  2. As the world quests reward ilevel goes up with your own, I would argue that it’s better to do Nazjatar and cloak questlines plus invasion world boss first (they grant fixed ilevel items) and only then go for regular world quests.

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