Rogue Transmogs: Done!

Leveling alts has a pleasant yet not entirely unexpected side effect: more transmog tries!

As Malchezar, the final boss of Karazhan, simply forgot that he had those Gruul’s Lair helmet tokens for Pins, he immediately dropped two for the newcomer Rottenshield when she went to check what all the fuss is about :) And one of them fit the rogues, and so the raid set list Vanilla -> Draenor is complete:


Paladin’s Ulduar belt though is out of equation – as I said, it’s a world drop from Draenor with a miserable chance, so farming it on purpose is an impossible task. Other than that: four, just four items to farm to complete my project:


Vaelstrasz in Blackwing Lair for paladins, Yogg-Saron for death knight and warlocks, and Nalak or Oondasta for leather toons. The end is nigh!

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