Boosts Are a Thing?

Yesterday I scrolled through usual services spamming in the chat, then it struck me like a sledgehammer. If I am willing to pay 333333 gold for a frog mount, or buy 3 gryphons/pterrordaxes for 80k each, why not do the same for the raid bosses?

The prices are really not that high now – even a player with 20-40k per toon like me could afford the boost. For example, I went for a N’Zoth Heroic kill yesterday, and it cost me some ridiculous 70k – again, the price of a reputation mount from leveling BfA zones.

I’m not ashamed at the very least. Ahead of the Curve which comes along – well, this virtual dildo doesn’t feel like earned fair and square, so I don’t even think of boasting with it. Yet I got the mount which I will collect sooner or later – less bother.

The actual boost process was smooth. I was put on a wait list, then after 40 minutes a booster’s alt collected the payment in Stormwind, and I immediately got invited to N’Zoth room. The fight itself was very fast, and I did not actually notice a lot or any crucial differences from LFR mechanics. With my 430 I contributed as I could, executed my part perfectly and didn’t even die by the end of the encounter. Now I see that harder difficulties are about gearing up and people knowing what to do – there was nothing I couldn’t do if I raided outside of LFR. But of course, I’ll stick with LFR :) There will be no schedules and gear grinds in my game!

Long story short, Maylune got a trinket, a ring and a mount, as well as completing the Magni’s final quest.


The lesson I’ve learned for myself: I stop to shun boosting if it means that I collect a mount which will be hard to get later. But boosting for gear? Well still not my thing. Character powerwise, I’m getting all that I need in the open world and LFR.

Next stop: Jaina’s mount.

2 thoughts on “Boosts Are a Thing?

  1. Heroic N’Zoth mount will be removed in Shadowlands (as was Heroic Argus mount in BfA, and Heroic Archimonde mount in Legion). Mythic mounts do stay, but are reduced to <1% droprate.

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