Trivia: Weekly Adventures

In no particular order:

1. Zindari the Troll Priest now leveled to 120 and got 393 ilvl after. A way to 430 awaits, but at least she already one-shots Ulduar bosses!

2. Rottenshield the Undead Rogue is 57 and almost over Classic Dungeons.

3. I’ve reviewed my characters’ ilvl: aforementioned toons aside, I think we’re good and ready for Shadowlands:


4. PTR sucks. The quest in the starting line was still broken yesterday, and if you try to play elsewhere it’s disconnects after a minute or two.

So the only thing I really tested were character creation and customization screens – which are awesome. I’m almost set and done with what changes need to be made to my current roster: mostly it’s eye colors which make a huge difference. Piercing bright blue seems to be my default option :)

5. LFR nowadays is totally playable with all bosses but the last one. The reason is all same, all same: N’Zoth offers a challenge of group coordination topped with personal responsibility – something LFR would always lack unless staying and trying. But people are wipe-intolerant, scattering from the raid like roaches if a group happens to lose once. Still can’t understand the behavior – oh well, at least we can skip it and gear up elsewhere.

6. Mildly farming Rustfeather – I have a number of toons free from their duties, so why not Mechagon?

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