Trivia: Reset and… More Leveling?

Reset day in transmog raids wasn’t too awesome, but priests got the gloves from Sartarion – and so Naxxramas, Vault of Archavon and Obsidian Sanctum trips are now history!

Now that I have so few sets to complete, the chances are statistically also lower. Still, it comforts me to look back at the path:


The Project Enormous appeared to be quite fun :) I’m intending to write some transmog running tips post for those who dare to follow my footsteps.

That’s write, I mentioned “priests”. I’ve resurrected a Zandalari at his 110 to help Jellica run for the transmogs, and now that I’m reading “Shadows Rising” prequel, I also felt the urge to make him – a proper troll. A female, of course, and now Zindari looks exactly as the first of her name, albeit a priest, not a rogue:


I’m simply insulted how she cannot one-shot Ulduar bosses (and even died at Kologarn, jumping too early), so she’s mildly leveling up. Also it feels nice to have a healer in my Horde’s ranks.

Also Shadows Rising made me think of the Forsaken fate, how they would feel without Sylvanas and reject her legacy. Besides, I’ve been thinking for a while about having another rogue – Horde side – and new PTR customizations got me settled with the new character:


Like Zindari and Lizgun, she’s been a hero back in Pandaria and Draenor which now returned to battle the world threats. Like Zindari, she’s changed her specialization: from sword-and-board to twin blades. Yet she kept the old name: Rottenshield.

I really don’t know what I’m gonna be doing with all my toons in Shadowlands :) I know it’s practical to have twin toons per class to farm older raids. And characters are always characters – backgrounds and all.

Both new/old toons are now waiting for the pre-patch to go live – I’ve great ideas to finalize their looks.

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