PTR is Up!

The pre-patch is now available for testing for everyone!

Mind you, it doesn’t work properly as of now. It is being patched as we speak, some options becoming available and unavailable back, still I managed to have some experience.

The new character questline. The quest of saving an expedition member from harpies was broken (judging by map, it’s been 70-80% of the whole island journey), so I didn’t manage to complete the whole experience.

Yet what I saw is amazing – not really in terms of lore, but as an educating process. It really takes you by the hand throughout moving, fighting, looting, trading, using bags, food and spellbook, completing different types of quests – in short, that’s what a newcomer wants. Finally it’s a proper introduction to the whole range of gameplay activities. Well done!

Scourge Pre-Patch Event. Well, obviously you need to have a character in a capital to experience it. As you see, I wasn’t able to finish the intro questline with my alt. Copying an alt from retail worked, but I couldn’t enter either: character not found. So we leave that for laters.

Character Creation Screen. Not all options are available (for example, can’t pick an asian/african face for humans when I last looked, or set male orc’s posture to straight), yet many-many new customizations are there.

What I did NOT like is the new interface:

Name entry field should not be in the attic, but needs to be under character – it’s too small, out of glance and hard to notice.

It’s easy to miss those extra option fields (like jewellery etc.) as it requires another click.

I absolutely hated this flashy abilities animation when picking a class. The introduction of abilities is fine, but then the character would stay in a battle stance. And most faces during battle stances are… well, not something you would consider attractive! Not to mention weapons and shoulders completely covering face in several cases. I would very much welcome an option to toggle off these animations.

Other than that – good. I liked the options selection interface, and how allied and core races are on the same page now.

The New Customizations. Boy, that’s something!

Most certainly I’m making adjustments to my current roster of toons.

  • Not much to say about haircuts: 4-5 new options per race. But they are nice, and I will pick some rich shaggy manes for “wilder” toons, like Horde and Night Elves. Others would probably keep their current options. There’s not much to be done with my gnomes. The new haircuts are insane and cool, but not in character.
  • Face tunings for Goblins! Chin, nose, ears can be done separately now, and I’ll finally create absolutely stunning and beautiful looks.
  • Draenei jewellery!
  • Night Elven vines! I’ve made an absolutely gorgeous woman with black new haircut and bright green leaves. That’s my hunter girl’s looks once the pre-patch goes live.
  • Male orc’s grime, separate whiskers/beard! Gorgul goes to barbershop straight away.

And the biggest change of all: eye color. It’s no minor thing, it changes the appearance and the character DRASTICALLY. Piercing blues and greens, bloodshot reds – it’s just a completely different person! That’s what I’ll be fixing a lot. Hell, this option alone would suffice.

Now excuse me for my reset raiding activities on retail, and I’ll return to PTR later to bring in the new experience.

2 thoughts on “PTR is Up!

  1. #NoSpoilers

    The Horde version of the quest line is working (at least it was last night). I really enjoyed the simplicity and linear progression of the zone. I like that there were class specific quests for some flavor and to introduce you to things like hunter pets, warlock demons, and druid forms. Druid and Warlock are nifty (druid happens after the harpies, so you won’t see it on allie side yet… warlock is just before so you can see on both sides). Also, while the quests are basically the same on both sides, there’s a little flavor difference.

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  2. The Night Elf ear options have been a surprising treat on the beta so far. It makes such a difference to have clean and whole ears versus the “feral” style with gnaw marks and little bits of damage!

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