Trivia: Reset

Absolutely no drops in raids this week.

But at least I’ve finished leveling :)


Gearing up and spreadsheets are in order, the goal is 435-ish on all toons for a smooth entrance into Shadowlands (not many left). Also I think I’ll take the latecomers on a N’Zoth tour for quest and see how LFRs are feeling this late into patch.

Some great beta news came in:

  • Wands could now be transmogged into daggers, swords – and in case of priests, maces.
  • Shoulders could be transmogged separately. This is big.
  • And shadow priests would once again be a playable spec, dropping the meh Legion’s Voidform design into a talent!

I don’t know about the story, but quality of life improvements are in order.

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