Trivia: A Bit More Leveling & Off to Star Wars Universe

One more thing is left to level my characters for Shadowlands – the goblin hunter Lizgun:


I’m roleplaying her as a jungle/tropic island denizen, so sea wave colored bikinis and greenish rags are in order. Tonight I’m googling the list of hunter pets to pick a color-suited crab or something else equally weird. And, as a goblin, she’s a gunner – which makes her a totally different class from my another Marksman – Myde the Night Elf Ranger who’s wielding a bow.

Lizgun now is 116 after Vol’dun main story, now a bit of Nazmir – and we’re ready for world quests. My toon roster after Ny’alotha has grown significantly with new levelings and un-deletes – up to the planned total of 20, 5 of each armor type, so in the end of all I may get busy with the newcomers. Their minimum is getting their cloaks, finalizing the questline by killing N’Zoth, and growing up to 435-ish to make their entrance to the new expansion easier.

I’ve resumed camping Rustfeather, but not too fanatically – it’s just my two warriors there every day. Once the other toons are relieved from transmog farming duties, I would transfer them to Mechagon as well. Other than that, there’s nothing we really want from the current expansion. Achievements are either completed, or dismissed for being too grindy and/or not worth my time in some other insensible design.

PvP and islands which I tried to embrace as my new activity unsurprisingly got me extremely bored on week 2, so we’ll have to figure out another way to get those honor marks. Maybe some mission tables or whatever.

Other Game Titles

Just yesterday I’ve finished the story of Star Wars Jedi: The Fallen Order. The game was awesome in many ways – albeit it’s clearly been designed for consoles first and supports a gamepad, I did not manage to destroy my keyboard.

What I liked most was the genuine Star Wars adventure vibe – it’s like I’ve seen another movie. All the trademark parts were there: a young protagonist, a dissappointed jedi mentor, an Empire nemesis character and a funny helpful droid companion, with planet hopping and a naive but engaging story which fits into the universe canon (for example, you meet Lord Vader in person, and the combat tactics journal tells: run for your life!).


Gameplay wise, there’s a lot of parcour, genuine lightsaber/Force fighting, some riddles to solve, awesome environment solutions, cool and easy tech tree/customization, mistake forgiving design – well, everything that kept my utmost interest up from minute one to minute last without a single thought to ragequit. Hell, they even let me to climb, claim and destroy the enemy inside an AT-AT cabin!


What I lacked was maybe just a couple more episodes where they let me to pilot another vehicle/spaceship or two, and visiting some populated area/town with a market place or something. Although the story doesn’t really suggest that, as it’s mostly based on exploring the wilds and the ancient tombs/temples. And your home ship even lacks weapons I think, it’s a sorta stealth mission.

Cherry on top, the localization dubbing actors were the too well known voices we hear in cinema theaters :) I guess if it really was the movie, then we’d hear them dubbing the same roles. I nearly cried when I realized how strong I want to see some blockbuster in a movie theater – something that hasn’t happened in a long time due to covid and shit!

My next title must have been Middle-Earth: Shadow of War designed in a similar manner, albeit with a lot more combat, yet I was so engaged in Star Wars that I installed SW:TOR. With my new laptop this time I’ve overruled its bad optimization, and it actually became playable.

So far it’s a fun MMORPG, not unlike WoW. There’s not much to get used to. I’m engaged in a class story which is apparently unique for every class. The class I picked first is a Lightning spec Sith Inquisitor – basically it appeared to be a mage with lightnings for an operating element. The game’s quite playable for free for the moment, although it’s pushing subscription model for your convenience – for example, you need it to gain access to mounts or hide a helmet, and level after 50. We shall see if I will.

What seems weird is when I went to educate myself about combat rotations at fan sites, it appeared that my current action bar will be thrown into trash. No really, you will learn the bread and butter of your final rotation at higher levels, and what you use now becomes an outdated weak crap. Now that’s discouraging, and imo it’s not a gradual engaging tutorial. Yet again, we shall see. I don’t feel weak for my current level, and the story is too engaing to worry, although the game didn’t age well – the character and NPC models look a bit old for 2020. And my, aren’t the characters ugly – even with all the rich customization :) Long story short, it doesn’t match Fallen Order at the very least in visuals, but I’ll try to live with it as long as the story drags me on.

So, with my current games reviewed, I’ll try to keep the blog WoW-related – that’s why we’re all here, right? See you after the weekly reset! And now my adventure awaits :)


5 thoughts on “Trivia: A Bit More Leveling & Off to Star Wars Universe

  1. You’ve picked up one of the less interesting class stories. After you finish it at level 50, be sure to see Imperial Agent and Jedi Knight.


      • Zash storyline is indeed good, but when it’s over, rest of the story fails. Whereas Imperial Agent is good from the start to level 50 (a bit bondesque, but still). I think Jedi Knight story just builds up slowly before becoming completely badass.


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