Hunter & Druid Transmog: Done!

With this week’s transmog bingo I’ve covered two classes:

Hunter Sets Vanilla -> Draenor: 



Druid Sets Vanilla -> Draenor: 


A couple of Vanilla raids and Karazhan are still reluctant to release the final piece – alas! Yogg-Saron’s also quite greedy.


Apart from that, the biggest and probably the most annoying endeavor is 5 cloth + 5 leather toons each trying Nalak and Oondasta for a ghost drop chance of the final item. Those waiting times could be tasking, yet nothing too long – by Thursday noon I’m done for the week.

You’ll never know what I’m doing now in WoW :) PvP battlegrounds – the goal are of course Marks of Honor which I can trade for sweet, sweet sets and achievements. My opinion about the activity has not changed a bit: it’s a bit fun, but feels quite pointless, and under no circumstances I’m doing PvP when there’s at least a single scrap of PvE content to do. But as we’re in a lull, any leveling seems too disgusting, I’m just there.

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