A Supereffective Reset Day Gnome Squad

Is it just Thursday? Because before the end of the second reset day my raid runs for the week are over, and several goals accomplished.

I’m most happy to be relieved of Throne of Thunder runs and all Draenor raids! Here’s the glorious moment of “Goodbye, Draenor raiding”:


Ulduar and Naxx gave us 2 sets, but still behave like pricks, so do the Vanilla and TBC raids which all owe us only 1 (one) item each:


I haven’t finalized few LFR Throne of Thunder sets, but what is left are just Nalak/Oondasta drops from fail-bags. The chance is nigh zero, so if they don’t drop when everything else is done, I’ll call it quits. Same thing is with paladin’s Ulduar 10: the final item is a belt, and it drops from ogre mobs (!) in the open world (!) of WoD (!!!). No chance I’m farming it, although I’m checking check the AH now and then.

Balance of Power is finalized:


The great news is you will be able to mog artifact weapons for another spec too, so Balance of Power suddenly received another dimension. Now it was 3 times worth it!

Even if there were no mount drops from Dragon Soul with all the farming, I’m waving the raid goodbye with this:



It is 3 dagger looks in your collection on the way, so worth it. Didn’t like the questline too much – Wrathion behaved like a total ass, and his adversaries were no better. I was happy not to see any of them anymore.

I’ve finished playing Warcraft III – campaigns are done, and it was nice to replay the stories. It appeared I know them by heart, so wasn’t too revealing in terms of lore. The Reforged job was done top-notch though – the game is the same old WIII, but with most stunning looks. Also – it hasn’t got to do anything with the game itself – I caught myself at the thought that RTS is not my piece of cake anymore. Still, if you missed the WIII when it was current and/or interested in lore at the very least, I’d totally advise purchasing and playing through the Reforged campaigns.

So… until next reset, maybe a bit leveling and playing my purchased single-player titles?

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