Trivia: Weekly Summary

Transmog runs are shrinking week by week – this time it took me only a couple of days, and it’s less and less runs.

Hellfire Citadel: now requires a single monk’s run to Mannoroth.

Throne of Thunder: now only Ra-Den to complete the hunter’s Heroic set. What we need apart from that hunter belt drops from Oondasta/Nalak fail-bags only. As I don’t have their mounts, so it’s a double goal.

Naxx/Ulduar: the greediest raids ever. Not a single drop this week, and I’m lacking only 1 item per missing set.

Gruul’s Lair: it’s only a speedy stealthed Karazhan run for my rogue for a helmet, 5 bosses to kill (Moroes, Opera, Curator, Chess, Eredar). No journeys to Outland required.

Vanilla: 2 items from every raid, takes little time.


Speaking of Throne of Thunder: mount situation was resolved! After that hunter’s belt we can forget about the raid for good.


More mounts came along:


This weird mecha-dragon is an unexpected gift for an active 6-month subscription. It has a very cool mount special, burping factory metal sparks.

And yes, I’ve finally saved cash for this guy:


Good news: Alliance and Horde both can purchase it. Bad news: it appeared that it has 3 recolors, 333333 each, so to catch them all you need only 1 million :) I haven’t decided yet if I’m gonna go for it – well at least I have the best recolor now. The other options are green mini-version of Krag’wa itself and a sickly yellow skin (which is actually pretty awesome). If your ride an ugly frog, it should look dangerous and poisonous :)

Druid’s Balance of Power: done!


The only class to go is Death Knight. 14/20 Nightshards, and there’s a great chance we finish this endeavor upon the reset.


Oluu’s 110 yesterday. She already contributes to transmog runs. I think I’ll try to level her via Island Expeditions and see how it works. I can’t stand replaying questlines at this stage :) Lizgun the Goblin Hunter is 83 and fussing around in Pandaria.

My Drust Archaeology project is complete, and here’s the complete display:


Now 3 pristine items for Zandalari project, and BfA archaeology will be complete. Maybe I want to finish all expansions during lull – for that I need only Draenor’s achievements. The word of god is that there will be no new Archaeology in Shadowlands (for obvious lore reasons), so might as well do the remains now.

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