Shaman Transmogs: Done!

My second class to complete the current transmog project:


Vanilla -> Draenor leg now takes less and less time – very few runs are left. Despite I still don’t have Horridon or Mimiron’s Head mounts, I can’t wait till I quit running Ulduar and Throne of Thunder – ironically, the awesome raids became most tedious and annoying.


Balance of Power has got a great progress. It’s literally the leftovers, and I’ll have just Druid and DK to finish after the next reset week.


I’ll still have sets to finish after Balance – in 8.3. it is possible to complete normal and heroic Nighthold, and some of my toons are already on Heroic journey. Also there are a few world drops from the Tomb to go.

I just love the Elisande encounter freezes. Literally laughed out loud for 15 minutes when I caught this:


And a few shots of acquired Balance of Power weapons to conclude the post and the current week:





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