Shadowlands: Shaping In


I wasn’t writing anything specific about Shadowlands – and the reason is quite simple: I’m waiting for it to unveil in all its glory when 9.0. hits us.

Most importantly, I avoid story spoilers. What’s the use of reading datamined dialogues when they don’t reflect the emotions which you feel while actual playing? Every scene, quest and story is building up immersement, gets you acquainted with the folks, heroes and villains, so learning scraps of it through printed dialogues is as far from reality as possible. I naturally despise streaming too – even when I have to watch youtube for a tricky quest directions makes me cringe. It’s just… not your hero doing stuff.

As far as story is concerned, I’m good to know that Bastion are angels with troubles, Revendreth has vampires, vampires all over, Ardenweald has the tree folk and Maldraxxus are necrotic, but at the same time heroic and not-so-evil people, while the Maw holds the big bad. And this is it!

I’m avoiding reading about gameplay – for a non-competitive player my class changes are best learned in the field, not on paper. There’s no planning at all – once the changes go live, I’ll learn to operate my rotations. Some of the big changes catch my attention, true: like the return of an eclipse-rolling scale for balance druids, windwalkers being able to wield staves again, frost death knights operating a zweihander or fury warriors able to fight with 1H weapons. Other than that, numbers and all? Nope. How professions work and what do they offer? It’s gonna be a part of the new expansion’s exciting exploration.

I don’t even track the transmog or barbershop options – at least not spending time in model viewers. It’s true that I will immediately visit barbershops in pre-patch and explore the new options, but I’m not planning anything in advance.

Yet I’m tracking the news sites’ entry titles, and reading the news albeit diagonally. And I like what I see quite a lot. The new world, the one we’ve never seen before is shaping right in front of our eyes – with lots of new and exciting stuff to explore. Maybe it’s just me, but I did not see any negative reviews about gameplay news and experience yet. High hopes then?

I’m mildly hyped – as much as I want to experience all the new stuff, I’m calm and patient at the same time. Just let this be polished enough to be released when it’s ready and ignore any dates – Christmas, virtual Blizzcons or any other events. My attitude is having as little expectations as possible – and let the reality surprise me :)

So, if nothing extraordinary is announced, I shut up about Shadowlands until it becomes my own, personal experience.

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