Balance of Power: On It!


As I always said, to get anything in WoW you just have to get busy with it :) A thought worth of Captain Obvious’ rulebook, yet shunned and denied by the perspective of grinds and path ahead.

Well, with Balance of Power questline the path ahead is not scary at all. For example, Mindebad the Death Knight earned the Order Hall Campaign requirement in a couple of days from scratch, as did Melaris the Demon Hunter. Revered with Nightfallen took the latter a couple of days, and we’re free to go:


Only a couple of weeks ago, 3 resets back, I even had this idea to go for Balance of Power on all classes. Two of them are already completed during the current reset:



Almost all the others are set on the final step – I remind you that after you’re done with Emerald Nightmare (1,5 raid runs) you can get all dungeons in one sit and start earning shards in The Nighthold, which is the final threshold.


Transmogs are doing great. Emerald Nightmare and The Nighthold itself are most generous. Most items are non-class specific – for example, my death knight hasn’t even started with raiding, and she now lacks just a cape from Trilliax to complete her set – courtesy of warrior and paladin runs :)

Another good thing just happened: Rikkit the Warrior has got 20/20 Nightshards on Elisande, yet she decided to check Gul’dan’s pockets… just in case.


Not that I’m a fan of the mount – after all the rock doesn’t even fly. Yet it’s super nice not to bother about collecting it, and reduce Gul’dan runs only to transmogs.


As my major transmog project rolls on, the number of weekly runs reduces greatly. It’s only Friday morning, and I’ve only MoP and WoD raids to run. Not much happened in Vanilla -> Cataclysm department, but warlocks now don’t do Naxx, hunters forget about trips to Burning Steppes and druids go to Northrend no more!


And so we’re looking at the weekend to continue our trip.

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