Trivia: Balance of Power – Week 2

The whole business appeared to be not that scary:


It’s the end of week 2, and 4 of my classes are already fussing in The Nighthold. I also got some stats from this raid: apparently Myde’s 6 nightshards are an uncommon situation, so you are supposed to complete this final step in just a couple of cooldowns.

How long does it really take?

Reputations are not hard to get either. About a couple of hours to playthrough Azsuna quests and get Honored, same with Valarjar but throw in a bit world questing until Revered. Suramar Revered could be done in one sit if you just follow questlines – well, you need to do them anyways in all three zones. Order Hall Campaign could also be done in a couple of days from scratch. That makes the whole prep a week long at the very max – and not with 24/7 gameplay at all.

If you already have reputations, the Balance of Power questline overall time expenses are as follows:

  • 1 hour for Azsuna step
  • 40 minutes for 2 Emerald Nightmare runs (about 20 minutes per run)
  • 3 hours for Suramar/Stormheim step
  • 1-1,5 hours for 3 Nighthold runs (about 30 minutes per run)

Easy and enjoyable to do, and The Nighthold bosses are very generous :) I’ve got Hunter and Mage normal sets complete, Shaman, Warrior, Paladin and Death Knight lacking a couple of items. Way to go – reset is coming tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Trivia: Balance of Power – Week 2

  1. If you’ve got the time, some of the Nighthold tier mogs drop in Emerald Nightmare too. I had 2 deathknights run EN and NH each reset to get their set. I really just loved the look of that green/purple set from Normal so made it a priority to get those 2 instances on those 2 toons each reset. I got really lucky and completed the DK set in 3 lockouts.


    • Yeah, it’s a joint set of two raids, like Terrace/Heart of Fear in Pandaria :) On all classes you need to run both.

      I’m doing Balance of Power first on all classes, and then finish the remains if any to complete the sets.

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