Trivia: Shoveled!

The current cooldowns over, the current week was a milestone.

For the first time in my transmog endeavor I’ve managed to lead all my toons through all needed raids Vanilla -> Warlords of Draenor – and this also included Salyis, Oondasta and Nalak kills if required.

My pace is 2+ transmog completion sets daily – so the results are actually stunning:



Not only a completed set adds a “+” in my spreadsheet and a terrific collector’s sense of completion. It also saves raid runs – and most importantly travel time – for the next week! So I’ve got time to get busy with more stuff.

Leveling of 2 toons for Shadowlands is on the table, yes, but I’ve discovered another side dish to transmog: Balance of Power quest from the Legion.

I’ve never completed Balance quests when it was current, because guess what: it requires mythic dungeon and organized raid runs, which I don’t do. I put it away for laters, and laters is today.

As for transmog, Balance of Power works on three levels. First, it’s the artifact appearance – which I may put to use someday. Second, it requires mythic dungeon runs which I never did in Legion – and skipped a number of transmogs there. Third, Emerald Nightmare and The Nighthold raids are to be farmed, and that’s exactly my next step for the pre-Shadowlands transmog project, so better do it simultaneously?

The problem is: you need to purchase a couple of items during the questline, and they come from Farondis Honored and Nighfallen Revered. I’ve been Exalted with all 12 classes – naturally, but the big turmoil of toons pre- and during BfA left us in disarray. Long story short, it’s Legion rep farming for 3 classes – who were deleted and leveled anew :) I’m not actually in horror – it’ll be nice to reminisce the routines of the previous expansion, and to take a break from any current routines (honestly, I’m puking from raids anyways, and they’re close to completion).

Another spreadhseet is in order, and here goes:


And now with an evening to spare before the reset – off to Broken Isles :)

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