Warrior Transmogrification: Check!

This just in: with Lucifron in Molten Core finally providing gloves and purchasing the Dragon Soul Heroic pants for a funny price of 300 gold in auction house, my warriors become the first class to complete my current transmog project:


Classic -> Warlords, all raid sets are done! Rikkit and Gorgul are now completely free from their duties and may go on standby until further notice – although I may recruit them to help with DK/Paladin sets if needed. Also I have an idea of collecting EN/Nighthold Normal sets before Shadowlands, but it happens only when everything else is said and done.

Am I happy? Totally.

Now, there’s more work to do.


7 thoughts on “Warrior Transmogrification: Check!

  1. I recently started farming EN/Nighthold and can confirm that it’s totally soloable above iLevel 400. Obviously, iLevel 400 is rough on some fights (like Krosus) and squishier classes. When you get to iLevel 430, you can breathe easy knowing you’re not likely to die. If you get to iLevel 445 or higher, you can blast through both EN and Nighthold in just an hour.

    Congratulations on your accomplishment. That’s quite the undertaking.


    • Yeah, I did normal solo too – I even already have the hunter’s set) Literally no trouble, even for my healer priest.

      Drawing the line with heroic mode though – I can’t burn through Aluriel or Tichondrius fast enough there, they have a stacking mechanic. Maybe I could pull it off with cooldowns, prep and whatnot, but it’s not what farming should look like :)


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