Trivia: Weekly Update

Alright, let’s see what happened in the past week :)


First and foremost, Horrific Visions are now history! Backpack is mine, and I quit running them forever. Probably I could have tried to see what masks are about, but there’s absolutely no need, urge or desire to. I set my finishing line which was successfully completing 5 bosses in every capital and acquiring transmog, and they are complete.

Eternal Traveler’s transmog set comes from the new mount for upgraded versions of the new expansion. Once summoned (by yourself or other player) it will drop an NPC with a yellow quest.

The quest requires collecting 40 ‘echoes’ which drop from any humanoid mob of max level. Rumors on Wowhead are that you can get 4-6 echoes very fast every day, and then drop rate is down to nigh impossible. Some people did groups and grinded Blood Gate area in Zuldazar to get them in one sit, but I find it counterproductive. I went to Zeb’ahari quest village in the northeast of Zuldazar, and killed trolls there. Once you get your 4-6 echoes daily quota (in 3 minutes max), you leave it until next day.

No rush, and this beautiful set, fit for every class, is now mine :)


So all you need to do – even if you don’t have this mount – is to ask someone to summon the mount (or wait in the populated area like capital or Rustfeather spot), get quest, spend 3 minutes/day in a humanoid-populated area until you get 40 echoes, and then fish out another mount summon to give in the quest. Done!

Other transmogs are going great! My next raid to be crossed out completely is Temple of Ahn’Kiraj – no more C’thun’s bugs!



The most annoying are of course Ulduar and Naxxramas – with their Vault of Archavon and 10-player modes, 2 drops from boss. And you never guess what you need to do to finalize paladin’s Ulduar 25 set! It’s… Molten Front dailies. That’s right, the only place in WoW you can get the remaining two of paladin’s ULDUAR items is getting an access to a specific Molten Front NPC – at least 300 marks currency to grind and advance through. Needless to say, it’s BoP, so Micromantica couldn’t buy and send them to my pally *sob*

Sudden things happen as a side dish to transmogs and gold, like this:


Not that I would be farming it specifically, but it’s been a nice treat from Ji-Kun! I also stay a while to try Nalak before entering Throne of Thunder and other world bosses when I’m around – won’t hurt.

When it’s not a class-specific item, I now developed a “drilling” routine for transmogs. A demon hunter or a monk would possibly want nothing from Karazhan, and yet they can go and farm some stuff for rogue and druid. Warriors, while done in Icecrown, still go there for paladin and DK items – and so on. Long story short, I employed my armor-type toons to grind out stuff for fellow armor classes – and it already pays off.

Probably this is it for tonight!

P.S. Oh, and a big thing happened IRL: I’ve bought a new laptop, replacing my 5-year old one! It’s a modern model labeled as ‘gaming’ with modern intestines, and it works dozen times better than my old one! I’ve never thought you could load Great Seal/Boralus in 3 seconds, and yet here we are. Happy AF, and now I’m most ready for Shadowlands!

4 thoughts on “Trivia: Weekly Update

  1. Congrats on the new machine, good specs makes a difference, i was so frustrated with my PC because of its slow HD i quit the game for a while and came back when in upgraded to SSDs and much more ram.

    For the Eternal Traveler’s transmog set, i have it and i did what you did, every day while doing WQs i get few souls, question: if someone didn’t buy Shadowlands Heroic or Epic edition, can they get the quest? because i thought this quest just for me, if anyone can get it then i’ll drop the NPC whenever i can to help people.


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