Trivia: In a N’Zoth Loop

Stressful as LFR still is on week 3 reset, I’m having some sort of masochistic pleasure in wing 4. I’m not happy about endless explanations, people holding Nazjatar cursed items, half of raid leaving immediately after one wipe – and yet it’s my primary to-go activity :) Progress is great:


I also went as a healer into LFR wing 4 for the first time because Jellica is a Holy Priest. It’s waaaaaay less stressful than DPS – and I even managed to sustain the whole upstairs party with tentacles single-handed, while other 4 healers went to Psychus! Healing wing 4 is such a relaxed activity!

Paitsu will finalize the questing campaign for Battle for Azeroth in the days to come, and I’m officially done with the final quest on my roster. A couple of weapons – I can handle a couple of LFRs per week – and every week there’s always a chance the raid becomes a thing of the past.

No Horrific Vision runs yet – I think I’ll leave them until I want to run through them.

The other focus is suddenly leveling alts. Kadabro the Mechagnome DK propelled to 90 and is ready for Draenor. 20 levels to go until legacy armor and into the trash bin!

Jakatti the Vulpera Mage will actually see all the story up to and through N’Zoth kill because she stays for Shadowlands as my 4th cloth toon (intended from scratch). She’s already 100 – and my, how current XP boost helps. The whole Draenor leg barely took her 2-3 hours – intro questline alone made her about 94!

I’m looking into a lull – and frankly I do want to transit to relaxed mode. I feel like expansion is almost a thing, an event of the past, and I just want to leave the chores behind.

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