Finalizing Goals

Many big things are happening in WoW camp!

N’Zoth raid wing is still a big problem, and it’s a painful run every time. It is waaaaaay overtuned, and even if people do everything right, it’s possible to kill him starting with stack 5, no less. Shall I even mention that at least half of people quit after every try? If you’re there since beginning, you’ll have only a couple of players that started with you left by stack 5-7. It is so awful and discouraging.

Also there’s a new fashion: at least 1-2 people carry cursed Nazjatar items and they just won’t delete it no matter what you do. The best way is to immediately kick them if they don’t respond – no wonder they die immediately when the encounter starts due to this or that reason.

I decided to give myself a break and stop explaining tactics, although I’m brief and essential with this activity. I just wait out as many tries as it requires to accumulate a critical mass of experienced or educated players, and get my kill (obviously excelling at my part).

But there is light in the end of the tunnel!


  • I have only 4 quest runs left.
  • We’ve won the 2H sword and the warglaive, so two weapons to go!
  • And my alts are going on a well-deserved vacation: transmog-farm or Rustfeather farm, we’ll decide later. Aren’t we Azeroth heroes?


Leveling has received an unexpected and unprecedented boost. Due to Covid-19, Blizzard has showered a month-long 100% experience buff on all alts! I did 4 dungeons today with my mechagnome, and they took her 74 -> 80! Time to take your alts out of closet.

And finally: Horrific Visions.

Guess what?





Am I not a cool baby?

My first run took me through Shaw and Umbric (quest items) and I barely managed to kill Alleria, all orbs used and all. After that I upgraded cloak to level 13 and finally received Gift of Titans.

And with that, HV became a breeze. I did the most complex way – Shaw -> tp and eat for 100 sanity -> Umbric -> tp and eat for 100 sanity -> Trade -> Dwarves -> Alleria. By the time I came to Alleria, I had 50% of my bar left, I could eat for 100 sanity, but I also had 1 full orb and a death-safe. I just used orb, and 50-55% was quite enough to stomp her into the ground (hear mage talking about stomping :).

All I have to do now is get three more achievements – cloak level 15, 50k momentos and all upgrades to purchase backpack. The best thing about current situation is that I might ignore ful completion and do relaxed runs. Because I completed my goal runs, I did! I don’t even want to try any masks – it’s over the top stuff to me, let challenge be left with challenge players.

Now, where was that N’Zoth?..

P.S.: For completing 5-goal runs in both cities you also get a pet I admired in the open world. Isn’t it a cutie? ^^


6 thoughts on “Finalizing Goals

  1. Great read! I’m a little bit inspired to try and get Rank 13 now as I’m not having the smoothest experience in visions at the moment (Hunter, iLevel 455).

    Ooo I love that pet ♥

    I got the Uncorrupted Voidwing for clearing Heroic 2 days ago, been a while since I last got such an achievement; fortunately, the mount actually looks quite good.

    It feels like some of the mount rewards for other things have been dire and regrettable. Spend months grinding a currency only to get the same mount with a different coloured tongue or something 😡

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  2. Now that you have a mask, take a run with a mask and clear out just Shaw and/or Umbric (or if you read this when it switches, Rexxar and/or Vez’gahblahblahblah). This will allow you to acquire the other masks. Some of the other masks are less taxing.

    Then, you check out the effects of the masks and see which one is the easiest to deal with for your class. Do a 1 mask clear so that you have the Masked Soliloquy achievement. After that, you can find a group in the group finder for a 5 mask clear. They typically ask you to link your Masked Soliloquy achievement and level 15 cloak to get invited.


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