Russia, as all the world, is currently undertaking certain measures against world coronavirus pandemic. It’s about 250 registered infected people, although the real numbers should be a lot bigger. The government shut the borders, there are restrictions to public events, and regulations to food and medicine sales have been issued to avoid shortage. Of course some people are hilariously hoarding TP, pickled products and grain packages (especially buckwheat – it’s a popular side dish in this country), although it’s stupid because exactly the said behaviour leads to empty shelves. And say, washing your ass is much more hygienic and less anus-disturbing than wiping it, so TP is the last thing I would personally hoard :D

There is no curfew yet, although many businesses undertake their own measures. I’m lucky to work in an IT-company, so since this week we’re on a remote mode from homes, as are many other companies. I’ve also excluded my second regular activity – dance classes – for the time being, and will avoid rock/metal shows, so until it’s safe I’ll only spend my time at home and take short walks around the hood.

I’m ok with working from home – every now and then I would inform my superior that I’m unable to visit office (illness or home presence required) and do my job from home computer, so it’s not a big life changer to me. It’s not that I open a beer as soon as I wake up and blackout by noon, or go shopping, or decide to go to nature :) No, during work hours I’m online and available to colleagues, all work messengers are on, and I’m doing my duties first before any distraction.

But naturally all the free time I had during my office hours could now be spent not for browsing, but more WoW, series and movies – which is more productive and useful.

In general, I think game developers are the ones whose business will be whopping good during a pandemic for obvious reasons.

With vaccines in long development, not perfect authority actions (differs from country to country) and careless or stupid behavior of many people, the only effective measure of minimizing risks and virus spreading now is social isolation. I’m fine with it, and we’ll see how it goes. By all means the pandemic effect on the world economy would be devastating, but we live in a lucky time where so many things could be done online – paying bills, shopping, working and having fun. It is disturbing but interesting times the humanity should cope with.

Stay sane, stay safe, wash your hands, perform social isolation if possible and play WoW :)

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