Trivia: N’Zoth Farm and Expansion Finale

This weekend I’ve been all into N’Zoth. Even if it was a weekend of WoW-only activities, I didn’t manage to make too many runs for obvious reasons :) Throughout this week I managed 5 runs:


A great discovery is that strength mace from Carapace shares its model with a mace from wing 3, so minus one model to farm! No luck with gun, warglaive and two sword tries this week.

While Carapace falls in first or second try, N’Zoth continues to pose a great farming problem. The biggest problem are assholes who are not ready to learn and try. After each and every wipe about 1/3 or even half players quit.

I have now no problems with the any of the boss’ tactics, and naturally take over expaining them in chat. When people stay, listen and eager to try at least 2-3 times – it’s a success. My best shot was Melaris’ run – I joined at 5 stacks, explained the whole shit, and we killed N’Zoth on this very try. My worst shot was Rikkit’s run – it was already past midnight, and after 1 hour of tries and constant quits with 10 stacks I quit too. Next morning Rikkit joined at 6 stacks, and N’Zoth went down with 7. Gorgul got hoarse with explaining, it was about 15 tries, but the final one was brilliant – I think we had just one death when we defeated the Old God!

It is still way overtuned. No less than 4-5 stacks is required even if everybody does everything right – otherwise your group severely lacks DPS, and N’Zoth mechanics are too unforgiving to let anything slip past the radar. Today I’m trying again either with Kalaari, Anibell, or Gaella for transmog, and then we’ll see what it looks like after reset.

Once you give in the final Magni quest (for killing N’Zoth), you can see the finale expansion cinematics for Alliance and Horde. Talk either to Valeera in Great Seal or Mathias Shaw on Alliance ship in Boralus – and then visit your capital’s embassy to witness your faction’s High Council talking about the war aftermath.

Small machinimas are indeed just council, so nothing really spectacular happens.

The Horde agrees there will be no warchief in times of peace, and all the race representatives stand in a circle and unite as equals. Lilian Voss represents undead, Rokhan represents trolls, and Gazlowe represents goblins. It’s a heartwarming moment.

The Alliance though is in turmoil. Although Alliance leaders celebrate the armistice too, Tyrande flashes the room for a moment with her Dark Warrior powers and says there will be no peace until it’s written in Banshee’s blood. She and Shandris then storm away, unconvinced by Anduin. Other leaders then quit too, and Genn says before leaving it’s just a matter of time before the Horde war drums sound once again. Anduin stays in the room alone, saying there is a way to live in peace. It has to be… A bitter and discouraging ending for the good king, especially when we know what really happens in the Horde camp.

Alliance gets an interesting lore vignette after the main event. Shaw and Valeera talk about what Spymaster will do in times of peace, and he says he may finally have a little time for himself. Further questioning reveals he may have someone… special in mind.


Speculations that I may agree with are that Shaw could make a couple with Flynn Fairwind – they shared some great adventures in the war, liked and bickered each other, and Spymaster was not really noticed in any other personal, non-work interactions. Of course it could be more straightforward, and it’s Shaw and Valeera who could make a nice spy couple – another alliance of a human and a high elf after Turalyon and Alleria Windrunner. Personally I would greet both outcomes. Maybe this will be explored in the upcoming inter-expansion novel?

One more column in my spreadsheet is Mekkatorque’s questline: Hero! Mekkatorque is fading fast and all that. It’s a mechagnome allied race questline, yet it concerns one of the important faction leaders and so is available for everybody. Again, purely completionist reasons.

I’ve put Horrific Visions runs away for Stormwind round – I think I’d better use my vessels there, trying and testing for the 5-goal achievement. Ironically, it’s exactly Shaw from all 10 bosses that I haven’t tried yet :)

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