Trivia: A Shower of Completion

The reset evening and the following morning was a great success and adventure!

Next couple of Uldum/Vale invasions = finally over Revered with Rajani! The last strips of reputation bars to fill. Not a great practical sense in Exalted – just an extra couple of tabards and a couple of reputations into achievement counter.

Raiding was brutal yesterday. I spent maybe 2 or 3 hours with the wing, and as Carapace was down with a second pull, N’Zoth was a big problem.

By the end of third pull someone confessed: “I’ve no clue what we are supposed to be doing”, and he was not alone. No one rushed to explain tactics, because no one had a slightest idea :) We’ve figured out how to cope with phase 1 – and kicked people after pull 5 who kept dying there every time, never getting to their bodies. Also this gem was worth screening:


Next, one of our tanks and another DPS warrior had Nazjatar curse items in their bags. We asked to delete them, then yelled, then stomped – with no feedback at all, so we had to kick them.

After pull 6 where we figured out the idea of phase 2 but wiped, a miracle happened: in came a tank monk who announced in chat: I read on forums what a pain in the ass N’Zoth was, so I came to see it for myself. And he led us by the hand through the encounter. He provided all manner of help: land markers, raid-wide announcements and all. We wiped with him once, because too many people went into portals, and tentacles bashed our skulls in. Next time we fixed the groups assignments of who goes where – aaaaand we won!

Important result of the raid number one: me and other players will now spread encounter wisdom further.

Important result of the raid number two: Micromantica is now officially done with the whole expansion story.


Fun thing about the raid (and after) is that all the cutscenes were extremely bugged!

1. I never saw Wrathion plunge Xal’atath into N’Zoth’s bulk – the game almost crashed, and next thing I see is us standing in front of trash blobs.

2. I never saw the final cinematic. I got the achievement, screen froze for a couple of seconds, and then I’m just standing there – no idea where was the loot box or boss’ body.

3. The weirdest thing is, when I came to Magni in the Heart of Chamber, Azeroth herself… killed me! I give in the quest, cinematic starts playing, and voila:


How the fuck is that even possible?! Then “cinematic” ends, and you’ll never guess where they rezzed me when I released. Even if I gave you a hundred attempts. Ready?

Sentinel Hill, Westfall. 


I’ve got only one question: how and why the fuck?!

It’s actually was not that irritating as much a it was amusing. Also it’s a field for many lore speculations: does it mean that Westfall holds inportant leylines? Is it exactly on the opposite spot from Silithus? How the Chamber of Heart is linked with it?

Oh well. After the long and tiresome raid I wanted to do something relaxing – and that’s definitely not Horrific Visions. So I went to farm Dunegorger Kraulok world boss for a new alpaca mount.

I led toon after toon, and yes, Slightly Damp Pile of Fur dropped!


It was cool that it dropped to my vulpera – well, who else? The alpaca is cool, it has most awesome mount special, and it will be Rikkit’s ride from now on:


Farming it is totally worth it, and I assume the drop chance is great, because this very day I’ve previously seen a couple of happy shots in Twitter. And at this happy moment I called it a night!

This morning I thought I would quest with Kalaari, but the urge to run Horrific Visions grew stronger as my laptop and the game were loading, and I logged in with Micromantica. She had 4 vessels earned. Even if she clears at least one Lost zone per run, that means this is well enough to upgrade her cloak to level 13.

My goal was just to see Rexxar because I’ve never been to that wing before – and probably clear another Lost area with Mag’har for the second quest item. It went better than expected. Much better:


I did not expect that at all! The run was not pretty stressful due to my low expectations – two Lost zones would completely suffice. And yet I won them all!

I’ve made all types of mistakes – the run was not perfect at all.

  • I pulled Rexxar out of his hut, he reset, and I wasted my Time Warp in vain.
  • I pulled the hulk mag’har mini-boss along with tentacle, and wasted a lot of time dealing with both (and sanity-died).
  • I pulled too many mobs immediately after, and wasted a lot of time for being stunned.
  • I spent a lot of time when kicked into the pools from bridge in mag’har and Zekhan areas, and spent a lot of time swimming out (and being harassed by the C’thraxxi boss).
  • Finally, Thrall himself was a total mess. I got into almost every type of bad shit he threw at me, didn’t kill “Rexxar’s” boars which ate away my sanity all the time, and well, it was a narrow escape – I finished with 30%, starting the encounter at 95%.

But I won!

Here’s my Frost Mage’s winning route where I marked orbs:

  1. Garona -> orb in the middle of a’qir/Rexxar area -> Rexxar -> teleport
  2. Mag’har area -> death-and-rez at hulk mini-boss -> orb before blob mini-boss -> C’thraxxi boss
  3. Zekhan area -> orb for trash just before boss -> Thrall

Horrific Vision Orgrimmar - 5 targets, solo Frost Mage run

  • I used Ghastly Goulash food because it is critical for mage not to worry about health. No other buffs, potions, runes etc.
  • No Gift of Titans research yet – but tech tree is complete on the left/solo run side.
  • Item level was 442.

It was another adrenaline damage to my organism, yet it’s awesome to understand: half of my Horrific Visions goals is now done! Now I need to complete only Stormwind in a similar stress-run for 5 goals, and then farm mementos in a relaxed way for Wrathion’s backpack transmog.

Most intense day in World of Warcraft/Visions of N’Zoth. Phew!

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