Ready for N’Zoth!


Just in time I remembered that N’Zoth – the final raid wing – requires Wrathion’s cloak, or you become hostile to other players as the encounter begins. It’s not a problem for my main roster, yet the newbie Kalaari needed it to aid Myde with gun transmog.

It was a narrow path to walk this morning :) I’ve been barely 2 minutes away from reset when I completed mogu invasion required for cloak questline, and during the remaining 30 minutes before work I managed to get the cloak! Quite a thrill, although it could be completed later of course.

Long story short? I’m totally ready now for the final round of Battle for Azeroth lore. Blades are sharpened, mana wells are full, and extra drop seals are purchased.

The final BfA boss, the last Old God, N’Zoth the Corruptor, N’Zoth the Guardian of Last Transmog Weapons: beware!

We – are – coming.

3 thoughts on “Ready for N’Zoth!

  1. Oh. Is it open? I thought I looked at raid finder and it was grayed out last night. I’ve only run the first wing. Guess I should get the others done


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