Trivia: Alt Time

There’s nothing I did for my major toons lately except running the next mogu invasion with Micromantica. She currently has 1,8 HV vessels, and I will collect about 4 before I make my next attempt.

My raidless weekend was devoted to my alts. Jakatti the Vulpera Fire Mage has leveled a solid path 60 -> 72, and now she shares the level with my mechagnome. Pandaria leg is waving from around the corner! Yet the bulk of my gaming time was devoted to Kalaari the Draenei Survivalist.

I picked her up wrapping Stormsong questing from right to left, at the mill village she already had 117. The XP income is insane, and while I planned to do all expansion’s yellow questing with her, at the same time I wanted 120 asap. You see, when you reach 120 and immediately gear up with benthic/N’Zoth tokens, questing mobs stop being a pain in the ass. Currently she’s 408 ilvl, and she just rounds up the whole hub batch of 6-7 mobs she can reach, and she can AoE them without so much as a scratch.

So where are we with her now?

  • ilvl: 408
  • Necklace: 68
  • Cooking: 78
  • Herbalism: 144
  • Mining: 101

Yellow quests done:

  • Stormsong Valley – full (including all sidequests, fisherman tales and such)
  • Tiragarde Sound – full (including all sidequests, gnome resort, Greystone Keep and such)
  • Drustvar – full (including all sidequests, Anyport, druids, and such)
  • Pride of Kul Tiras aka Jaina story – full (Siege of Boralus dungeon to be run yet)
  • War Campaign: Vol’dun base
  • Nazjatar: Portal to Boralus established

Left to go:

  • War Campaign – full story, including Rastakhan kill for quest
  • Mechagon – access and full story except dungeon run
  • Nazjatar – full story, including Azshara kill for quest
  • Visions of N’Zoth – full story, access to endgame and cloak level 5

As you can see, I’m going completionist with her – I need all toons that proceed to Shadowlands be on the same character development level. While my mechagnome is in a reach 110 – get heritage armor – get dismissed situation, Jakatti the Vulpera will proceed to 9.0., and she will go completionist as well. By leveling and completing the yellow questing I’m also saying farewell to the expansion story experience – watching all the cinematics and realizing this is gonna be the last time I do watch them. If I ever want to level another toon, this is most likely will be after the leveling changes, and this is gonna be Pandaria.

And I have all the time in the world for that.


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