Trivia: Minus Wing!

It was quite unexpected – actually I shouldn’t even have raided yesterday. Yet my scheduled IRL event got canceled, I was home early, and naturally went into Ny’alotha.

I thought my Paitsu the Gnome Monk was long forgotten. I don’t remember when I got a login with her last time after completing 8.3. questline. Yet she had a solid 430 and level 5 cape. When did I manage that? It’s exactly the level of my alt development I’m heading to!

Anyways, the Gods of Random smiled at her, and she just won both 1H from Gifts of Flesh bosses! Now she and both shaman are also on a well-earned farming vacation until Shadowlands.

Little is left. The last wing owes a couple of swords destined for my plate armor toons, and class-specific warglaive, dagger and gun are to be obtained. I’ve added a N’Zoth-kill column too, because it’s the final lore quest in the whole expansion, and all my current 120 toons must see it:


Of course I’m happy with the drops, and yet it’s discouraging in a weird sense. For one thing, I planned my weekend to be devoted to raiding, and now zero runs is required :)

Oh well, now I have time to do the other things. I have 3 toons to level, I will grind 8.3. dailies and events with Micromantica for vessels and reputation. Obviously transmog runs are always a thing. But it’s time to set goals for the end of the expansion:

    • Grind gold to buy faction mounts (75k for every gryphon and pterrordax + Mechagon’s 400k + Krag’wa frog for 333333);
    • Level and bring new toons through the complete expansion questlines;
    • Make all toons 430-ish;
    • At least one Exalted with Rajani and Uldum;
    • Win 5-goal Orgrimmar and Stormwind in HV once, no masks;
    • Buy Wrathion’s backpack appearance for 5000 momentos;
    • Rustfeather? I want at least this version of the mount, cause Mecha-Done seems non-inspiring to complete;
    • Finalize several achievements – notably, professions.

The list is not that big, and I will probably wrap it up before Summer. I still think that letting us grab LFR raid set versions in the open world is a great idea, even if lull comes way sooner than expected. Still, I have to get used to the new raid’s life-span which is barely enough to see the bosses before all weapons drop. And it’s strange to plan lull activities only 1,5 months after the new patch release.

My subscription renews in the end of May, and I will stay subbed by all means. Believe me, I will find stuff to do, and having an opportunity to login into my beloved Azeroth anytime I like is precious. But it’s too early to speak about my final expansion months yet!

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