Trivia: Another Horrific Vision Round

Yesterday was a minor reset day run – raiding was both good and bad.

The bad thing was that Melaris didn’t win her Hivemind warglaive, and that means Halls of Devotion remains current to me for at least another week.

The good thing was that I won the shield from Il’gynoth, so that boss is now history, and on weekend I will focus on Shad’har and Drest’agath farm with as many toons as possible. They are easy bosses, so I expect the main obstacle to be raid queues. Also people level up, and my experience with Xanesh-Vexiona-Hivemind was brilliant. The LFR party DPS was insane, and bosses went down with no sweat – even if there were some tactics failures, we’ve burned through them.


A tale of another Horrific Vision round is worth telling. I’ve accumulated 3 more vessels for Micromantica, and they all been put in good use today’s morning. With first two I’ve easily completed Dwarf/Trade/Alleria districts twice, completed the quest and upgraded to cloak level 11, also researching the final pre-last tier damage/defence buff.

At level 11 Wrathion will start sending you to hard Vision versions. As always, the first one will be the book, and that means completing at least one hard (Lost) zone. And it was simply insane.

Even if my cloak at level 11 popped up from 50% to 65% sanity resistance, it was quite brutal. I picked the Mage Quarter with Magister Umbric boss to explore. The boss itself was not hard at all – all I needed was to interrupt polymorphs and yawn out his frozen storms in a safe corner when you apparently cannot damage him.

The hard stuff was the quarter itself. It has an insane amount of tumors that you cannot collect and AoE, so hooray for mage’s slow single-target casting, wasting time. And a brutal fleshbeast mini-boss which managed to sanity-kill me (fail-safe rez) and almost killed me again, nearly wasting the whole run. Also I struggled with logistics – a lot, and a great deal of sanity time was spent for running in circles and searching for the portals to shut – mini-map didn’t help a lot. Hopefully it will become easier with the next runs as I learn the locations, and at least I know now that portals are all in the street, around tricky corners.

Long story short, I arrived to Umbric and used my last orb before him (now I know I could have won without it), teleported to the Cathedral after and just had enough time to safely kill Alleria. It was nowhere close to Orgrimmar experience where I can currently clear three zones.

With the quest book for a completed Lost Zone in my hands, I’ve upgraded my cloak to 12, and it acquired a proc which could enhance my intellect 1/3 of current – this is a great thing.

What now? The goal is obviously to get comfortable with the Lost Zones and farm them for quest items.

2 thoughts on “Trivia: Another Horrific Vision Round

  1. Fleshbeast + Leaden Feet madness either have not been though out well by developers, or it was deliberate sadistic decision. To avoid sanity loss, you have to time your Gift of Titans to start when you engage it. I.e., you need to wait out Gift’s internal cooldown, then pull some nondangerous mob, kill it, trigger Gift and immediately attack the boss. You will have 20 seconds to burn him without worrying about sanity, just watching your health. Ignore puddles as long as you can, only move out of breath, and when leaden feet stop you, make use of double blink and iceblock (with cold snap).

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