Trivia: Progress

As always, a quick streak of my weekend activities.

Raiding: my farming party continues. No luck with demon hunter’s run for her warglaive – understandable. What is not understandable is that I did two shaman runs in the latest wing 3, and not a single boss dropped anything – even if I tossed a coin to your witcher  too in every case.

But, but the most important thing would be winning a caster wand from Il’gynoth – and this is huge! My three gnome casters – mage, priest and warlock – are now completely free from farming Ny’alotha.

What is left is to kill N’Zoth for quest once, and druid, priest and warlock can and will officially go on standby until Shadowlands pre-patch! So is the leveling vulpera which is a fire mage – after making her 430-ish she will also settle in some cozy environment.


My frost mage Micromantica though is my main, so she still has stuff to do. Today I’ve finalized aqir mount leveling – it is now 4999/5000, so I expect it to hatch tomorrow. There was one more pet battle, also a stupid one. At least I did not waste gold at auction this time. To fight Retinus eye boss I took a valkyr and a drake which had a chance to win. I wasted like 15 attempts – I felt it was quite possible. The encounter was totally proc-based. I just needed to wait for the stars to align – so that boss didn’t crit, and my pets did crits at least a couple of times, and that eventually happened. Not a great design imo, I’m glad this is over. Phew!

Nothing to report about Horrific Visions – I’m not really in the mood (and absolutely no need) to farm them with my other toons, and will collect several vessels to run them with Micromantica. I still hope it will work for a frost mage :)

Did a great chunk of leveling – Legion leg’s invasion, Highmountain main questline + dungeon and Val’sharah Xavius/Ysera story – look what we’ve got!


After that Kalaari went to open Vol’dun, and spotted an Alliance incursion in Nazmir, +1 level, and she’s 111 now. It feels very refreshing to finally get current expansion’s loot and drops!

Dragged my other toons up a bit. Jakatti the vulpera fire mage is now 60 and ready for TBC/WotLK leg. Kadabro the mechagnome death knight is questing in Grizzly Hills and running some dungeons, 71 and counting.

Funniest thing happened to her today’s morning: during questing and in the course of 15 minutes she met two rares! Obviously she killed them both, but the best thing is: WotLK rares are deemed “extremely rare” and are a part of the achievement! This meet-and-greet (-and-kill) event made me thinking: it will be a great thing to do during lull. I’ve currently killed about 50% achievement rares in Northrend, and 30% creatures in Outland (not specifically farming either), so while people are busy with other things, it’s way to go, and a great chance to find them.

2 thoughts on “Trivia: Progress

  1. Hunting down Northrend rares is all fun and games until you’ll have only Vyragosa left. Since she’s connected (allegedly) to Time-Lost Proto-Drake spawn timer it is near impossible to see her alive. Several others from this achievement are tameable by BM hunters and can be also hard to spot (though hunters nowadays prefer more shinier pets from newer expansions).
    Outlands rares, on the other hand don’t have any significance for a majority of players so it is a relatively easy achievement to get. They drop some unique models/recolors of BC gear, which is a nice bonus if you’ll manage to get some of them.


    • New transmogs are a great bonus!

      Luckily I have Vyragosa slain – during my days of farming vrykul girl dailies for bear mount :) I know about hunters, so I think it’s gonna be an early morning routine.


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