Trivia: HV Progress


This just in: I made it three chests today! Three chests is actually not news. But them being Thrall, Zekhan and Geyarah – that is, easy, middle and hard zone is news! Previously it was only one middle and one hard, or one easy and two middle, so that’s a progress.

The good side is: I may someday win 5 zones after all, as it’s 5 more cloak levels and several research upgrades to go.

The bad side is: it was fucking stressful :D As always, challenge gameplay doesn’t bring me fun. No reward or sense of achievement pays off my stress. I’m literally shaking afterwards, and can’t even enjoy the chests earned the hard way. I have to switch to kissing squirrels aka brainless alt leveling.

That is also why I’m not raiding beyond LFR. Concentration is one thing, but stress and multiple failures is something completely different and not cool.

Yes, the current challenge was quite unnecessary – I may have waited out the remaining sanity after I had two quest page bosses killed. I’m not sure what my attitude will be for future runs :) You never know your limits until you try, and now I know that I can push 3/5 of the whole thing. But I still think these extra 150 mementos from Thrall were not worth the adrenaline damage to my organism :)

One thing I know for sure: Torghast should be designed and explored in a way more relaxed mode :)

5 thoughts on “Trivia: HV Progress

  1. Good job! I tend to lean more into those stressful challenges. Though for some reason I am not getting very into horrific visions. I only do them in groups too, maybe I should try a few solo runs and see how that feels.

    I loved legion mage tower and the mop warlock green fire quest. Those left me with that shaky feeling.

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  2. I totally agree on the stress. I do not know the horde areas at all, really I only have one horde toon who leveled via pet battles. And, this week, I got lost while doing an HV and stress maxed; I felt fat and stupid, lol — frantically trying to look at the map which didn’t help enough. Horrible Visions.


  3. It’s weird, I’ve always found raiding Normal and Heroic in a guild to be less stressful than LFR. LFR, I have no control over anything, and I cannot predict how things will happen.

    Guild raiding, we might fail and need to work on and learn fights, but it’s a predictable process. I know the strengths and weaknesses of my team, and I have faith that we will slowly improve and become better.


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