Trivia: A Most Productive Reset Day

Devoted my entire reset evening to my main, and it was awesome.


I ran the next wing of LFR and defeated all bosses, achievement – check! Runs on reset day are probably the best. We killed both Shad’har and Drest’agath with no wipes or even an extra word, it all came naturally. Il’gynoth saw us wipe once because we flooded the area around boss and didn’t pay attention to adds as much as we should, yet we managed to do it on our second pull – without tactics discussion! Too bad, no wand drop.

But Xanesh finally gave in, and the off-hand is mine! It means that Jammu the Druid is the first of my toons to be relieved from her raid duties, and may go chill at Rustfeather spot or wherever she pleases! And I only need a demon hunter-specific warglaive from wing 2.

On weekend I’m launching both my shamans into wing 3, because they require stuff from all bosses there!

I did another couple of assaults, and Micromantica’s reputation is now 8000 for both factions into Honored. I may add daily runs once I’m more free from raid and mount duties. Reputation crawls up, of course, but slowly.

Mount duties offered another fucking pet battle quest, and again it’s been a source of grief and dismay. I googled the tactics, and I actually had a suggested Valkyr, but every other pet I tried with her ended up in epic failure – not even 50%. So I went and bought the recommended Lil’Bling of level 25 for 24k. Sat there, looked at my phone with Wowhead open, clicked the abilities according to the strategy post and without even looking on the game screen. It just died like it never was there – with all my three pets remained alive.

So far 35k already spent on aqir mount :D Stupid, stupid pet battles.

Horrific Visions – I was one page away from completing the quest, so after Zekhan’s duty I decided to take a look at a hard zone! I didn’t plan to win it, but I actually did! It appeared to be relatively simple in terms of tasks.

Geyarah, the Overlord of Mag’har, accompanies you, and together you just need to wipe out the whole zone. Geyarah doesn’t help much with DPS, but at least she tanks some stuff, so that helps. Then comes a C’Thraxxi boss, and I have no idea what he did, but he almost killed me. Presumably he spawns many adds, also some void blasts or void zones I didn’t figure out. Finally I decided to kite this whole mess, running as far from them as possible, and it was a hair-thin victory. Yet a victory it was!

Cloak at level 10 doesn’t upgrade significantly, so I guess I’m farming on. So far three zones of tier one and two, or one zone tier 2 and one zone tier 3 is my limit. I just run out of Sanity, that’s all – no matter how good I was with avoiding the nasty Sanity-draining abilities and planning. Frankly I am pessimistic about if I can pull it off even with all the upgrades. If it’s cloak level 15, all the upgrades, and I’m not even close (like engaging Thrall with at least half-Sanity bar) – then I’ll have to try with another class.

Morning is normally quite useless for raiding, so I leveled my draenei hunter a bit :) 99 and ready for Legion content, yay!

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